The Myers Way Multivitamin 180 caps
The Myers Way Multivitamin 180 caps

The Myers Way Multivitamin 180 caps Amy Myers MD A90017

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The Myers Way® Multivitamin is:

One of four essential supplements virtually everyone should be taking
High levels of key nutrients for general wellness and detoxification
Optimal Selenium, Zinc, and Iodine levels to support thyroid health
Tailor made for my patients with thyroid dysfunction, including Hashimoto'™s and Grave'™s disease
B Vitamins in their activated forms to promote cardiovascular and neurological health, and optimize detoxification and methylation
Bioavailable calcium and Vitamin D3 to maintain bone health

Custom formulated by Dr. Amy Myers specifically to be the ultimate foundation and cornerstone in a supplement regiment geared toward optimal health, the iron-free The Myers Way® Multivitamin contains high levels of key micronutrients for optimal wellness, energy, detoxification and more.

The Myers Way® Multivitamin is perfect for anyone who:

Wants to obtain optimal amounts of the nutrients their body needs to thrive
Wants to support healthy thyroid and adrenal function
Wants to support optimal hormone balance and weight loss
Has MTHFR mutations and wants to promote normal methylation
Doesn'™t eat enough organic fruit and vegetables
Follows the Standard American Diet (SAD)

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