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• Change your cancer genes back to normal 

• Glucosamine sulfate for anti- aging 

• Make food allergies disappear 

• Do you have these healing bugs in your emergency box? 

• Fluoride lowers I.Q. 

• Catching polio from vaccinated kids 

• Grow your own cancer killers


• Keys to successful weight loss * Zap causes of cravings * Fat fear causes obesity * Create new cell membranes * Find your metabolic type 

• Unique whey to heal the gut 

• Mouth-breathers damage teeth 

• Nutrient of the month: DHA * Missing link for memory * Raises your child’s I.Q. * Improves your vision

MARCH 1999

• You must use real fiber for pre- venting heart attacks 

• Do you know these Candida fighters?

• Is it really Candida? 

• Essentials for your emergency non-drug box to zap heartburn and indigestion 

• Detox cocktail rescues doctors 

• Tylenol kills at “normal” doses

APRIL 1999

• Common stomach bug causes cancer 

• School daze: reading, writing and Ritalin 

• Ritalin can cause brain damage

• Millions of patients smarter than their doctors 

• How to spot inferior vitamins 

• Make nutritious ice cream in minutes

MAY 1999

• Is your cardiologist failing his job? 

• Toxic teachers and toxic students: a dangerous mix 

• How the cancer patient is cheated 

• Make your sweets doubly good for you 

• Anger hardens hearts and arteries

JUNE 1999

• IP6 tames the cancer cell, but what else can it do? 

• Settling up your bone bank account 

• A silent bug that causes heart attacks, strokes and senility 

• Tums not for preventing osteoporosis 

• Time to up your C? 

• How to avoid joint surgery

JULY 1999

• Reverse that abnormal Pap smear

• Should you fire your GYN?

• Getting the most from your supplements 

• How to get unstuck from a heal- ing plateau 

• Finding a doctor: AAEM has new address 

• A safer Ritalin substitute 

• Don’t back down when you feel you have cancer


• Non-toxic, inexpensive house- keeping 

• Reversing auto-immune dis- eases like lupus 

• Diagnosing Nystatin-resistant Candida 

• Mercury paralyzes the immune system 

• Healing with fat 

• Reversing vitiligo’s bleached skin 

• When not to take your nutrients 

• August attitude adjustment


• Protect yourself against cancer- causing plastics 

• Smelly urine from asparagus signals detox glitch 

• Using food to rev up detoxification 

• Detox enema to the rescue 

• Caution medicine’s double standard 

• Boosting your brain’s happy hormones


• Cure gallbladder without surgery or drugs 

• Start now to make your body flu-proof this winter 

• Medicine’s biggest lie about cancer: “We got it all.” 

• Test tells if you are an easy mark for cancer 

• Do you do this cancer-proofing step? 

• Safer home products 

• Do you know this Candida- fighter?


• Are you taking these nutrients? 

• Transition off damaging trans fatty acids 

• Protecting yourself from deadly nightshades 

• How the cancer patient is cheated (Part II) 

• Nutrients lessen side effects of chemotherapy and cancer 

• CoQ10: Don’t leave home without it


• The ultimate crystal ball of cancer tests 

• Are you getting both thyroid hormones? 

• Heal your hypertension and get off dangerous drugs 

• Help for healing the liver and immune system 

• Epidemic B vitamin deficiency 

• New prescription medicines to avoid


• Is your office giving you cancer? 

•  Cholesterol triggers Alzheimer’s 

• Tocotrienols thwart cholesterol 

• Coated tongue mirrors toxic blood 

• Melatonin for quick age-retarding insomnia solution 

• Antibiotics cause auto-immune diseases 

• Boosting your bug-fighting ability naturally with laktoferrin 

• Nutrient tranquilizer zaps sugar cravings 

• “Fast B vitamins” solve hidden


• Migraine busters 

• Mercury Detox Formula 

• New crystal ball cancer tests 

• Break the free radical chain reaction with Microhydrin 

• Create your own moods 

• The innocent egg makes a come-back

MARCH 2000

• Even more natural substitutes for antibiotics

 • Check your pH and alkalinize yourself 

• Biofilms: how to penetrate the unseen armor of bacteria 

• Rx blood pressure medications cause mysterious cough 

• Nurturing your gut, the gateway to healing everything 

• Sinus lavage that replaces antibiotics

APRIL 2000

• Syndrome X: Do you have it and don’t know it? 

• Best memory booster 

• Protect against pesticides with Huperzine? 

• These nutrients a must for diabetics (and even you) 

• A mineral for terminal cancer pain 

• A mineral that shrinks cancers 

• Good thoughts retard aging

MAY 2000

• The ultimate way to detox for life 

• Toxic teeth: a reason many will never get well 

• Heavy metals make heavy hearts 

• Boron turns off arthritis, stops osteoporosis 

• How to keep hormones from causing cancer

JUNE 2000

• Does your body’s fuel pump need a boost? 

• The estrogen answer 

• Carnitine for the winning sports edge 

• Cholesterol is not the culprit 

• Does your gut harbor the heart attack bug? 

• Do you get all 8 forms of vitamin E?

JULY 2000

• The ultimate health secret 

• End the aspirin hoax for heart 

• Natural clot-busters 

• Tofu damages brains 

• Triple your Natural Killer cells against cancer and infection 

• There’s cancer in those Styro- foam coffee cups 

• Everyday chemicals destroy hormones.


•  Asthma: causes and cures 

• What is missing from your total load? 

• Common pain medications damage hearts 

• What to do when your best friend has cancer 

• Reader’s questions


• Mussels for safe pain relief 

• Cadmium causes high blood pressure and heart failure 

• Only real fiber is cancer- inhibiting 

• Protect against pesticides and memory loss 

• Calcium stops PMS 

• Readers’ questions


• Solutions for resistant Candida 

• Escape dying in the hospital 

• The dangers of genetically modified foods 

• Control your emotions with chemistry 

• OTC hazards on the rise 

• Deep FIR heat for speedy


• Vitamin cuts heart attacks 70% 

• One amino acid stops angina 

• Zap ROS: the cause of all disease 

• More safe ways to boost mood and memory 

• The forgotten mineral that protects arteries and bones 

• The Fosamax folly 

• Beware of Celebrex & Vioxx 

• ICU Syndrome


• Find your toxic teeth that are damaging distant organs 

• Fortify your 3 1/2 lb. gut garden for the holy days ahead 

• Wellness Against All Odds program proven to more than quadruple cancer survival 

• Dramatic help for Parkinson’s disease 

• Drug-free cholesterol-lowering 

• More ways to make happy hormones 

• Say NO to the flu shot


• Prescription mercury remover available non-Rx 

• Diuretics (fluid pills) guarantee earlier death 

• Heal your hypertension without drugs 

• New CoQ10 heals more than hearts 

• Deadly dioxins, the hidden cause of disease from childhood cancer to endometriosis 

• Getting rid of dioxins 

• Lutein prevents blinding macu- lar degeneration 

• Hear doctors’ lectures in your home


• Are you drinking toxic water? 

• New benefits prove Detox Cocktail indispensable 

• Early cancers respond to simple nutrients 

• Do you need this alkalinizer? 

• Pineapple power for clearing gall bladder and blood sludge 

• Lithium makes new brain cells 

• Finding the correctable cause for cravings 

• Organic pesticides cause Parkinson’s disease

MARCH 2001

• A beginner's brain cancer checklist 

• Boost your prime cancer- preventing mineral 

• Better or bitter through chemistry and GMO?

• A new twist for fibromyalgia 

• Rules of chemical sensitivity pertain to all disease 

• Poisons in the pantry ?? A safe antibiotic alternative 

• Heart trouble's root cause may be in the teeth 

• "Sugar-free" can damage thyroids

APRIL 2001

• Top 10 drugs bypass curable causes 

• #1 anti-aging key 

• Reversing plastics' hormone damage 

• Mold makes mental disease 

• Calcium for cancer control 

• Huperzine protects against pesticide poisoning 

• Measure pH for aging control 

• Use urine pH to control dis- ease producing acidity 

• Calcium: defender or destroyer

MAY 2001

• GMO: It's now or never 

• Don't miss the athlete's heart attack warning 

• Power over pain 

• Interpreting a vitamin label 

• You are only as fit as your water 

• GMO puts cancer viruses in your food 

• B-1 boosts energy, brain and heart 

• Solution for computer eye- strain

JUNE 2001

• Always question your diagnosis 

• Cancer: more of its causes and cures 

• The Alzheimer's answer 

• Charge your immune system to conquer 

• Triple your NK cells

• Is it really a hormone deficiency? 

• Can cookies, crackers, and croissants make you crazy?

• Parkinson's disease is a total load phenomenon 

• Mold the great mimic

JULY 2001

• Ultimate crystal ball heart test 

• The single most necessary antioxidant 

• Put your cardiologist to the test and save your life 

• Reverse BPH (prostatic hyper- trophy) before it becomes can- cer 

• NSAIDs and trans fatty acids kill hearts 

• New “harmless” cream turns off cancer-protective genes 

• Tri-salts dilemma 

• A vitamin that inhibits AIDS


• New government guidelines: you need a lifetime of damaging drugs 

• The unseen dangers of the cholesterol myth 

• Making sure stroke recovery is complete 

• New test for hidden Candida 

• Plastics found stored in 100% of humans 

• Plastics from food wrap damage hormones of the young and promote cancer in the adult 

• Use emergency magnesium before leaving for the hospital


• There's nothing benign about hypertrophy: it leads to cancer 

• BPH: Get the cancer-causing cadmium out 

• Dental cements cause heart attacks 

• Learn AK (muscle testing) to diagnose allergies 

• Heavy Metal Detox Protocol 

• Cutting out trans fatty acids cuts heart attack risk in half


• Toxic Terrorism – the fallout isn’t over 

• You can't do it all? -- don't need to 

• Easy solution for boxed break- fast cereals that create disease 

• Formula to thwart pervasive pesticide poisoning 

• Simple non-Rx makes breast removal obsolete 

• How environmental chemicals cause heart diseasE


• Finally, the perfect magnesium solution 

• Vioxx and Celebrex increase heart attack rate 

• Cholesterol drugs hurry heart deterioration 

• Key to stubborn weight gain 

• One simple diet change can cut all heart disease in half 

?? The fountain of youth, discovered


• Protect against post-holiday blues 

• Mercury is damaging dentists' brains and hand coordination 

• Healing holiday hemorrhoids 

• The safe natural stress- harnessing tranquilizer 

• Using yeasts, not Lactobacillus, to heal after antibiotics 

• Preventing birth defects 

• New disguises for “nuked” food

January 2002

• Age-proofing your brain and memory

• Make sure your grandchildren are smart 

• Discover major correctable reasons why many will never get better, but you can 

• Disease-proof your body with food 

• PC-Spes for prostate cancer 

• Post partum depression cure 

• Thwart pervasive plastic plague•


• Preparing for surgery: indispensable tests and nutrients 

• Low thyroid with normal blood tests needlessly mimics old age 

• Is your body flu-proof?

• Protect against genetic damage 

• Discovering a common hidden cause for chronic fatigue, weight gain, and high choleserol

MARCH 2002

• Hypochondriac or hypothyroid? ?? Thyroid trial for your anti-aging program 

• Natural cholesterol zappers 

• Take charge or get 2nd rate care 

• Thwart kiddie cancer: now the #1 disease to cause death 

• Disease-proofing the gut to avoid total body illness

• Who is the family pooper snooper? 

• The perfect crime: normal tests but abnormal glands

APRIL 2002

• Evidence: drug industry controls medicine's practice guidelines 

•Ground Zero Syndrome: everyone is vulnerable 

•Master your moods with L-Theanine 

•Put your money where your dreams are ??U.S. House puts nix on smallpox vaccine 

•Molybdenum for sugar and weight control ?

• Juicy steak, eggs and cheese thwart cholesterol

MAY 2002

• The #1 cause of death is not a disease 

• Restoring the spark of life 

• Cut alcohol cravings with glutamine 

• Soy acts like fertilizer for cancer 

• Boost iodine before nuclear disaster 

• Gad-Zooks, I've got G.A.D.! ?? Detox with glycine 

• New magnesium source

JUNE 2002

• Cystitis secret 

• Crystal ball cancer test 

• Natural cholesterol cure: beats prescription meds like Lipitor & Pravachol 

• Premarin-takers’ life-saving test 

• Find and reverse cancer chemistry 

• Iodine for lowering strontium 

• Thwart dangerous drop in food nutrients 

• Lithium for Herpes

JULY 2002

• The osteoporosis answer: and it's not a Premarin, Evista or Fosamax deficiency! 

• One simple nutrient package boosts energy for cancer patients 

• Osteoporosis prescriptions pro- mote cancer, blood clots, ulcers 

• Solo nutrient heals leg cramps, Crohn's, heart and thyroid 

• PC-Spes substitute 

• Correct nutrients that drugs deplete before new diseases emerge


• Now that cancer has been diagnosed, here’s your first step 

• Non-Rx Tagamet makes food allergies worse 

• Cure heartburn bugs without antibiotics 

• Getting rid of those pounds that won't budge 

• Killing cravings 

• One book that could change medicine for good, forever 

• Safer seafood 

• U.S. folate Rx 1200% wrong 

• You'll have to take the lead to prevent birth defects 

• Guard against distorted news 

• Protecting yourself against oc- cupational chemicals 

• Cancel canola from your shop- ping list 

• Organic, non-GMO foods available to everyone 

• Safe, inexpensive herb for menopause symptoms


• The best crystal ball heart test gets even better 

• First steps when your heart scan shows early damage 

• Measure and control harmful EMF 

• Fake sugars mimic common symptoms 

?? Soy weakens the immune system 

• L•copene's anti-cancer benefits without arthritis 

• Boost healing while you sleep 

• Magnesium loss not the only cause of cramps


• Detoxify Or Die can be ordered now! Save 10% with TW 

• Nailing down the fundamental causes of your symptoms 

• How to get unstuck from a healing plateau 

• Protecting yourself from misguided medicine 

• Quick fix for depression 

• Government discovers prescriptions hormones cause cancer 

• Instant relief for kids' tummy aches


• You can catch a heart attack 

• Should you fire your oncologist? 

• What is the highest anti-oxidant food? Hint: It’s not fruits or vegetables. 

• Nanobacterium calcifies coronary arteries 

• Christmas wish list 

• Vanadium mimics insulin ?? Crack those medical myths 

• Common bug turns body parts to stone


• Medicine does an about- face:recommends vitamins for everyone 

• Safe virus killer for coronaries 

• Herbal migraine remedy beats brain-damaging Imitrex 

• Vitamins reverse genetic disease 

• How to lose stubborn weight, after all else has failed 

• Clean out those cholesterol-fed brain and heart arteries 

• Cheaper and safer than Celebrex 

• Hidden sugars trigger violent mood swings 

• "Tourista" protection: don't leave


• Nattokinase: the heart's clot- buster 

• Parents-to-be: detoxify 

• Arthritis relief with collagen type II 

• Flu protection: transfer factor 

• Farmed fish have 10X the PCBs 

• Abort hangovers and MCS (chemical sensitivity) brain fog 

• Brain-damaging heavy metals rampant in infant soy formula 

• Antibiotics trigger auto-immune disease


• After bypass surgery, here are the most important things you need to do 

• Food irradiation zaps nutrients 

• Get the brain-damaging lead out 

• Mysterious WTC cough is the tip of the toxic iceberg 

• Smart Balance, but wrong choice 

• Gallbladder boost 

• Monsanto madness deliberately poisons people 

• End winter blues

MARCH 2003

• Bring your favorite physicians into the 21st century 

• Reverse “irreversible” nerve damage 

• Non-prescription lab tests at last! 

• Revitalize your memory 

• Quadruple cancer survival 

• Coke causes osteoporosis, but is indispensable 

• How to get your Nizoral Rx 

• Light up your brain with PS 

• Death at “safe” EPA levels 

• A cheap, accurate test for metastases

APRIL 2003

• Essential first aid for cancer: 

• Recipe and tools for turning off early cancer 

• Reverse disease the folate way 

• Your personal corrective nutrient prescription 

• Medicine's dangerous dirty double standard 

• Calcium sources for non-meat eaters 

• Heal anything in spite of mis- guided medicine 

• Don’t let polyps turn malignant

MAY 2003

• Bursitis/tendonitis gone in less than 24 hours 

• Prepare your immune system for bio-terrorism 

• Boost the brain's electricity and sparkle with boron 

• Remove toxic carpet in summer 

• Expensive home asthma gauge forestalls trouble 

• Macadamia nut oil for a healthful Mac Attack 

• Nix on anthrax vaccines 

• Your detox formula 

• Non-Rx hormone tests with customized natural hormones 

• Preparing for heart surgery

JUNE 2003

• ALC rejuvenates aging 

• Reverse crankiness, crotcheti- ness, and memory loss 

• Protect against SARS with mushroom magic 

• Slip out of Alzheimer’s or cancer with an oil change 

• Vitamins proven essential to prevent common diseases 

• Crackers, chips, cake, candy, and cookies damage kid’s I.Q.’s 

• Wrinkle cream rival 

• Rescue for stalled disease

JULY 2003

• Live food diet, incredibly easy and curative 

• QRS for tooth and heart rescue 

• The cholesterol-lowering vitamin 

• Rx drugs trigger mental disease and cancer, kids are next target 

• Vitamin E reverses the CRP 

• Boost your antibody protection against SARS and other bugs 

• The fat that cuts heart attack rate in half 

• Celebrex and Vioxx lock up bladder function 

• Green tea cooler for cholesterol and weight loss


• First-aid for bipolar depression, OCD and panic attacks 

• Gag order: EPA ordered to hush about toxic drinking water 

• Cure cholesterol without brain- damaging, age-accelerating and cancer-promoting drugs 

• Little known herb kills chemo- resistant cancer cells and gut parasites 

• Hold off on brain-damaging newborns’ immunizations 

• Avert sudden death in athletes 

• Heart drug shrinks brain


• Abolish flu in 10 minutes 

• Guard against more lethal medical practices on the way 

• Never agree to "pull the plug" until……. 

• Cure it even if it "runs in the fam- ily" 

• Get a harmless trial of this life- saving injection 

• If you forget this simple tip, it triples your chance of death 

• "Normal" blood tests miss this dangerous deficiency


• New home chelation that's better than I.V. – especially for nanobac 

• Special form of vitamin E crucial for cancer 

• Safe substitute for Prilosec, Prevacid & Nexium 

• Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic 

• Non-prescription around the clock hormone balance 

• How Rx drugs lead to diseases 

• Mystery disease that's rarely diag- nosed, common, yet easily cured 

• Keep your work area bug-free 

• GERD drugs trigger cancer, acne drug causes suicide


• Cracking cancer's lies and myths 

• Neglected nutrients that are crucial for cancer patients 

• ACS is failing -- on purpose? 

• Invest in yourself 

• Disease-producing trans fatty acid levels of common foods 

• Human flame retardant levels soar, mimicking many diseases 

• Organizing your nutrients 

• Reprogram your mutated cancer- promoting gene back to a normal p53 cancer-killing gene


• IBM paying $7000 to home owners with cancer-causing air 

• Your physical is worthless with- out this blood test 

• Reverse early lung cancer ?? 1/3 prostate cancers have normal CSA 

• Best emergency magnesium to have at home 

• Gut level holiday protection 

• Obstetrical deaths saved with nutrients 

•  Rationed health care is here 

 • Beliefs boost immune system


• “Why aren’t more doctors do- ing this form of medicine?”

 • New arthritis drugs cost $16,000/year, plus they speed cancer and death

 • Better than Botox----Qlink

 • Cure arthritis in weeks

 • Vitamin E halves heart attack and death risk

 • Taurine, the forgotten amino

 • Reverse eye, heart, brain and digestive diseases

 • Closing your knowledge gaps


• The best Valentine's Day present

 • A crystal ball look at your future health

 • The top 10 causes of headaches

 • Alkaline water is a super antioxidant for anti-aging

 • Are you getting the best diabetic care?

 • Hidden key to lowering the PSA

 • Reverse memory loss with flower power

 • You clearly need a boron boost!

MARCH 2004

• New R-LA form rejuvenates the brain, heart, and energy

 • Cheaper and safer non-Rx statin lowers cholesterol better

 • Mud magic clears interference fields that block healing

 • Cut chemotherapy drug resistance 10-fold

 • Banish bladder infections in less than 2 days without antibiotics

 • Vitamin K2 and enzymes double survival

 • A nutrient boosts cancer survival 8-fold

APRIL 2004

• IPT tricks cancer cells into being gluttons for chemo

 • Lyme disease meets its nemesis

 • Don’t die in ICU, these 2 inexpensive nutrients a life saver

 • Chicken McNugget nightmare targets children

 • Stop stolen childhood

 • Mercury Misery: stop it from ruining your life

 • FIR for cancer

 • Berberine strengthens hearts

MAY 2004

• Rescue your child's starving brain and make learning easier

• Potent virus fighter: lactoferrin

• Veterans with cancer eligible for toxic compensation

• Epidemic undiagnosed vitamin D deficiency treated as Fosamax/Actonil deficiencies

• Don't let “benign” colon polyps become cancer

• Can C-Med-100 Reverse Aging?

• Rejuvenate sluggish memory ?? Boost cancer survival 8X

• No-cost gingivectomy alternative

JUNE 2004

• The most important test of your life: testing your oncologist

• Healing with water

• Is all milk fertilizer for cancer?

• Reverse hearing loss ?? Gut bugs cause arthritis

 • 1 in 6 kids has brain damage

 • Glutathione cuts chemotherapy dose, toxicity and deaths

 • Nix on Nexium

 • Clean house with Uva Ursi

JULY 2004

• Reverse macular degeneration

• CoQ10 aborts Adriamycin chemo-induced heart death

• Folate reverses Alzheimer's

 • Carnitine for weight loss

 • Pesticide protection plan

 • Trans fatty acids quadruple macular degeneration

• Olive Leaf as an antibiotic

• Better than cholesterol drugs

 • French fries, chips, pretzels, salad dressing, hydrogenated oils lead to adult blindness


• New heart risk test, ADMA

• A simple cure for high blood pressure

• Learn O-Ring muscle testing

• Boost your silver lining of longevity

• Vitamin D beats Fosamax

• Cancer treatment pearls

• The test even your doctor will want for himself

• Turning the corner with the colon cleanse


• Parabens from cosmetics and toiletries found in breast cancers

• No more mammograms?

• Out with aspirin-recommending cardiologists

• Hold on infant immunizations

 ??• quid trace minerals prime and revive tired cells

 • Paraben-free products Vitamins C & E & GSH outshine Plavix and aspirin

• Getting rid of bugs in the pantry

• NEEM replaces toxic DEET


• Rescue for stranded, dead-end illnesses

• Reverse Alzheimer's before it's too late

• Important 1st steps when cancer is diagnosed

 • Stomach cancer cured with an antibiotic

• You control your baby’s allergies

 • Brain and memory rejuvenator: lithium


• #1 blood pressure drug HCT guarantees diseases of heart and brain plus earlier death

 • Breast and prostate are body's toxic waste sites: clean them

• Special iodine boosts energy, clears fibrocystic breasts

• Reversing coronary calcifications: stage 1

• Give the best Christmas gift

 • Vitamin K gets a grip on unwanted artery calcium


• Reverse your cataracts

• The hormone solution for high blood pressure

• Safe silver for killing viruses

• Hidden gut parasites damage kids’ brains

• Asthma: get rid of it

• Plump aging skin while you cholesterol-proof arteries

• Safe C heals strokes

• “Slightly abnormal” liver enzymes are dangerous clue


• Healing with light, from burns to back pain

 • Schizophrenia solved

 • Arginine prevents infection

 • Make sure you’re full of beans

 • After bypass, oil those new parts for longevity

 • Healthful chips? Believe it!

 • One in three teens is vitamin D deficient

 • Fats control your genes


• Nursing mothers are damaging their children's brains

 • Get off the magnesium merry- go-round

 • Shorten recovery time and get that athlete's edge

 • GM foods still erode health

 • Finding a smart oncologist

 • Guess what the number one cause of death is?

 • The cheapest and safest Vioxx substitute

 • Healing resistant osteoporosis

 • Heartburn rescue

 • This chocolate is healthful!

MARCH 2005

• Vitamin D for diabetes?

 • Dissolve arterial plaque, step I

 • Ignore implanted defibrillator and repair your heart

 • A nutrient to kill pancreatic cancer cells

 • Reversing disease begins with making a membrane sandwich

 • 1 nutrient halves heart death

 • Molds mimic every disease

 • The nation's healers are dead to nutritional medicine

APRIL 2005

• Hold off on that gallbladder surgery and repair it

 • Rescue for years of Bell's palsy

 • Mercury toxicity is on the rise

 • Are you sure you need that medical test?

 • Carotenoids that kill cancer cells

 • Thwarting the brain damage that follows surgery

 • Smoking mothers damage infants’ thyroids and brains

 • Boost bile production

 • Vitamins that protect against chemotherapy side effects

MAY 2005

• Answer for atrial fibrillation

 • By all means, avoid ablation

 • Coumadin damages heart valves

 • NSAIDs cause high blood pressure

 • Vitamin E basher is dead wrong

 • Unschooled HMOs can practice medicine but can't be sued

 • 5 nutrients double bladder cancer survival

 • Vitamin K thwarts hepatitis’ liver cancer

 • Dates healthy for teens

JUNE 2005

• The first ten steps when you get a cancer

 • Boron for mood, memory, coordination and bone

 • Cancer is now #1 killer

 • Heart surgery no better than medical management

 • One mineral can change your life

 • The tragic trans trade-off

 • Facial rejuvenation

 • Childhood cancers begin in the parents

 • Diesel destroys mitochondria, accelerates aging

JULY 2005

• Mushroom magic, from fear to fantastic

 • 6 steps for reversing macular degeneration and slowing cataracts

 • Statin drugs damage the good effect of vitamin E

 • Simple reflux cures

 • Coumadin promotes earlier heart death and bone loss

 • The glutamine/glutamate/ glutamic acid quagmire

 • Irritable bowel does not deserve an irritable gastroenterologist


• Sit on it: Potent protection against prostate cancer and osteoporosis

 • Nutrients to detoxify plastics

 • More tools to reverse coronary plaque

 • Beware of these new drugs

 • Traffic fumes trigger kids’ cancers

 • Breast cancer answer

 • Heartburn drugs double pneumonia and infections


• Cell phones cause leaky brain syndrome and brain rot

 • Daily dose of plastics triggers asthma and allergies

 • One mineral can reverse cancers

 • Cell phones mimic legally drunk and senile 70 year old brain

 • Virus killers: the next cutting- edge

 • Prevent Rx antibiotics/steroids combo from killing you

 • Iodine deficient mothers spawn retarded and ADHD kids


• Mad as a hairdresser?

 • Do you know your crystal ball coronary calcium score?

 • Breast implants cause autoimmune disease

 • Thwarting deadly DVT

 • Remedy for preventing mycotoxin damage

 • Choosing the right form of DHEA

 • A better magnesium?

 • Stop colon polyps from becoming malignant


• Pennies of one mineral repairs 33 cancer genes and reverses cancer

 • Zinc deficiency masquerades as Celebrex deficiency

 • Tocotrienols turn off cancer and high cholesterol

 • Cancer survival not improved in 30 years

 • Learn to interpret your own ION Panel

 • Never too late to find correctable causes of hearing loss


• Mercury’s hidden brain damaging epidemic targets kids

 • 2 out of 3 Doctors lie about cancer survival

 • Reversing chemotherapy's deafness

 • Policosanol dissolves existing arterial wall cholesterol plaque

 • Glycine thwarts heartburn’s H. pylori and cancer spread

 • Crucifers crucify cancers

 • Osteoporosis’ missing cures • How to avoid harmful hepatitis injections


• Cancer surgery triggers lethal metastatic cancer spread

 • MCP paralyzes the ability of cancer to metastasize

 • Nutrient triad rescues failed hearts and exhausted athletes

 • The prostatitis or BPH hoax: it’s not benign, but is totally curable

 • Blood test that diagnoses prostate cancer 7 years before the PSA

 • Special form of Vitamin E makes cancer cells commit suicide

 • Freeze all your meat

 • How to wean off prescriptions


• When the bottom has dropped out of your energy basket, diabetes tools make insulin work better

 • Arsenic creates end-stage metastatic prostate cancer and diabetes

 • ALCA, the brain booster

 • Harvard forced to lie about vitamin benefits

 • Biotin for weight loss

 • Chromium for arrhythmias, diabetes and losing weight

 • Easy heartburn reversal

MARCH 2006

• The muddy solution for unexpected detox reactions

 • Reversing the dumbing down of Americans

 • Vinegar for sugar cravings, Syndrome X, and stranded weight loss

 • Alcoholics and addicts must detox

 • Chocolate: the new source of lead

 • Vitamin C kills cancer cells

 • Stop migraines in minutes

 • The most dangerous cholesterol drug emerges

 • Osteoporosis-halting formula

APRIL 2006

• Dissolve away your cancer

 • Heartburn meds trigger pneumonias, aging and cancer

 • Green tea turns off cancer

 • Get rid of arsenic before it triggers lung cancer

 • Stop atrial fibrillation from causing a stroke

 • Nexium prescribers flaunt medical ignorance

 • Breast fibrocysts melt away with one nutrient

 • Banish bad breath before it destroys your heart

MAY 2006

• The next endangered species — the newborn

 • Detox Cocktail: essential in the emergency room

 • The cadmium connection to cancer, osteoporosis and dialysis

 • Brassica make cancer cells commit suicide

 • New heart failure Rx a rip-off

 • Candida, cravings, depression and unmovable weight gain can have common link

 • Calculating sauna water loss

 • Recipe for making smarter babies

JUNE 2006

• Grandkids are the last endangered species

 • Power over pain

 • FDA protects drug company when product doubles death

 • Sudden death 5 years after helping clean-up at 9/11

 • Lipoic acid shortens undiagnosed mycotoxin misery

 • Colitis’ missing ingredient

 • Is that high uric acid a sign of serious heart disease and not gout?

JULY 2006

• Mysterious Syndrome X and Immovable weight …are Solved!

 • “Sole” food has new meaning

 • The “other vitamin E” stops cancer and heart attacks

 • Plastics Council ignores polycarbonate toxicity

 • Minerals without iron

 • Overwhelmed?

 • Organizing nutrients


• Aspartame causes 7-fold increase in cancer at low doses

 • 2 out of 3 kids has dental damage from tap water fluoride

 • Heal intractable diarrhea caused by heartburn drugs

 • Get a biochemical jump start on reversing mental disease

 • Inexpensive test warns of heavy metal damage

 • Biotin rescues splitting fingernails


• Fading of blue and green colors is the start of macular degeneration

 • Making sure stress doesn’t trigger sudden disease

 • Reversing gray hair with nutrients?

 • New liposomal glutathione for cancer and detox regimens

 • Fatal fragrances

 • Proof Plavix doesn’t help

 • The Teflon tragedy

 • Getting the most out of your Cardio/ION Panel

 • Nix on grapefruit boycott


• How to recognize the dangerous cardiologist

 • Taming fibrinogen before it leads to a heart attack or metastases

 • New cholesterol meds are double the danger

 • Drop cholesterol with safe yeast

 • Fruit juices cause stubborn obesity that won’t budge

 • Yeasts that rescue the immune system for the flu season

 • Choose nutrients, not cervical cancer vaccines!

 • New arthritis and colitis drugs promote death by infection and cancer


• Cholesterol meds trigger grouchiness, depression and suicide

 • “No trans fats” is a legal lie: it means 500 mg per half cup!

 • Gamma tocopherol 3X better for lowering CRP than statins

 • Fish oil improves emphysema and makes cancer cells suicidal

 • Non-nightshade Lycopene turns off PSA and prostate cancer

 • Reverse abnormal insulin that makes excess weight


• Curing the worst possible cancer, even after everything medicine has to offer has failed

 • Keys to successful cancer healing

 • First steps for the un-read after cancer is diagnosed

 • Reasons for cancer program failures

 • The obesity epidemic answer

 • “Let your voices be heard”

 • Infant bottles make fat kids


• Holiday heartburn rescue

 • The tooth connection to heart disease

 • Heal and regenerate damaged nerves

 • Lycopene cuts cholesterol

 • Speed post-surgery healing

 • More good news for cancer

 • Plastics mimic DES

 • Squeaky clean gut, stronger wrinkle cream, unknown homocysteine cure, and more


• The cheapest, best, safest and most effective non-Rx place to start to lower your cholesterol

 • Special vitamin E protects against Parkinson’s damage

 • Reverse Alzheimer's, the earlier the better

 • Are you harboring the silent CRP time-bomb?

 • The no-torture cholesterol diet

 • Chromium to promote weight loss and lower cholesterol

MARCH 2007

• Power over your weight, at last!

 • Stop cancer's return and spread

 • Does vitamin D stand for dangerously delinquent?

 • Diabetics: you can prevent dialysis

 • Weeds to whack cancer

 • Plastics more dangerous than we thought

 • Silymarin solutions

 • Double effectiveness of your chemotherapy with glucans

APRIL 2007

• There will no longer be a flu season.

 • Do you know your crystal ball Coronary Calcium Score?

 • Boost HDL, the good cholesterol

 • Beta-blockers accelerate death

 • Preventing sudden worsening in cancer patients

 • Reverse osteoporosis and correct vitamin K2 deficiency

MAY 2007

• Put the brakes on your coronary calcium score

 • Teflon and plastics create high cholesterol

 • Toxic kids from toxic cars

 • Cut your chance of a second heart attack in half for pennies

 • Multiple sclerosis plan

 • Green tea stops prostate cancer

 • Dangers of antidepressants for pregnant women

 • Oral glutathione nips infections in the bud

JUNE 2007

• The copper connection for healing pain

 • Plastics in baby’s environment trigger asthma and allergies

 • Plastics in baby’s bottle damage I.Q. and rest of brain

 • Cod liver oil, the widow-whacker

 • Erectile dysfunction can save your life

 • A new folate finding • Obesity epidemic answer

 • Nix on new cholesterol drug

 • Taming Lipoprotein(a)

JULY 2007

• Guard against the "clueless" cardiologist

 • Selenium for all cancer work-ups

 • Melatonin magic for breast cancer

 • The lowdown on the dangers of polycarbonate plastics

 • Common allergy rots brain

 • Fish oil helps lower triglycerides and heal the gallbladder

 • Hepatitis drugs cause worsening

 • DNA repair beyond zinc, DHA and B-carotene

 • Enzymes thwart elevated fibrinogen

 • High insulin screams for an immediate oil change


• Emergency heart attack medicines

 • Axe infections in summer

 • Your osteoporosis formula

 • Surprising brain rescue at any age

 • Reversing your abnormal or suspicious PAP smear

 • Cadmium curse causes cancer, osteoporosis, infections, kidney damage, and more

 • Keys to getting your Cardio/ION Panel ordered


• Statin drugs cause sudden amnesia and mimic strokes

 • Medical mysteries and cancer created by zinc-depleting plastics

 • Think twice before that cardiac stent

 • Reversing early cancer stages in a nutshell

 • More anti-aging options

 • Insurance companies decide your fate


• Lower cholesterol is not the answer

 • Grandkids’ health in danger

 • Easily solved reason why some will never get better

 • Repairing resistant elevated homocysteine

 • Attack mysterious muscle disease

 • Location of a child’s day care center determines his intellect

 • Insist on magnesium for your heart attack

 • Curing uterine fibroids and POS

 • Plastics trigger high insulin, Syndrome X, and weight that won't budge


• Teflon creates high cholesterol

 • Cholesterol drugs trigger cancers

 • Do you need this new stool test?

 • IVs and catheters load babies' bodies with damaging plastics

 • Auto exhaust creates mysterious anemia

 • Autistic kids are cheated


• Evidence: It should be malpractice to fail to assay and prescribe nutrients

 • Chemical toxicity proof

 • Vanadium to reverse weight, Syndrome X, and more

 • Cancer patients cheated without nutrients

 • Diabetes meds lower B12, calcium, and create disease

 • C & E slow heart death 10X


• The key to easy weight loss

 • Axe ICU death with 5 nutrients

 • Osteoporosis essentials

 • Thyroid rescue

 • Check out Proton therapy for prostate cancer

 • Start healing colitis

 • No Celebrex for colon cancer

 • One nutrient could cut $25 billion from cancer costs


• The Cholesterol Hoax is almost here, ready to be ordered!

 • Atrial fibrillation’s deadliest prescription drug

 • Selenium can make PSA normal

 • Get rid of diabetes, high insulin, Syndrome X and sugar cravings

 • Could the mysterious symptoms be as simple as wheat?

 • The needs of the knees

MARCH 2008

• Reverse memory loss

 • More essentials for your prostate cancer program

 • Abort bladder infections without antibiotics

 • You need a partner in health to be maximally successful.

 • Getting rid of tremors

 • Trans fats more deadly than ever

 • Low Sulfates another clue to phthalate toxicity

 • Proof of heavy metal, plasticizer, and other toxin damage

 • Plavix invites death

APRIL 2008

• Vitamin D debacle

 • Gamma tocopherol needed for prostate

 • Unseen clues from conventional lab tests

 • Stop bladder stones and carpal tunnel syndrome

 • Addiction answer

 • Selenium halves cancer rate

 • Heavy metals detox pearls determine next dose

MAY 2008

• Osteoporosis begins in the mouth

 • Mattress PBDEs damage thyroid

 • Reverse Parkinson’s early

 • The colors of detoxification

 • Down with diabetes

 • Exponential Rx drug side effects

 • Freeze meat to kill bugs

 • Finding hidden B6 deficiencies

JUNE 2008

• Repair the biochemistry of boredom

 • Missing mineral in tooth protection and osteoporosis reversal

 • Selenium slows coronary plaque progression

 • Silly to omit silymarin from your cancer program

 • Gamma tocopherols make cancer cells commit suicide

 • Diabetes reversal and anti-aging essentials

 • Another answer to bizarre shifting aches and pains

JULY 2008

• Vitamin K to shrink plaque and keep arteries Klean

 • Uncorrectable magnesium? Are you looking in the wrong place?

 • Healthful gourmet dressings

 • Seaweeds act like heparin for cancer, dissolving armor

 • Surviving the hospital experience

 • Harnessing the plastics plague

 • Chlamydia: How harmless colds lead to a heart attack


• Insomnia solutions

 • Brain repair for kids’ and adults’ with ADD and dyslexia

 • Is a hidden food allergy key to your chronic condition?

 • Stomach drugs stunt the brain

 • Zap the bad egg rap

 • The fishy solution for obesity

 • Molds and trailer toxins create mysterious diseases


• Colitis cures to use today

 • How to tell if cancer is silently on the move

 • DHA puts the brakes on Alzheimer's amyloid

 • Diabetics help us all live longer

 • Depression is not a Prozac deficiency

 • NSAIDs shorten your life and your sleep while raising blood pressure

 • Weaning off medications, 3 by 3


• I bet your dose of E is too low

 • Long flight ahead? Protect yourself from leg clots

 • Vitamin D3 and R-Lipoic halve heart damage

 • The toxic tooth connection map

 • Plastic toys, the next danger?

 • One more anti-aging secret

 • Is magnesium stearate filler in capsules safe?

 • 1 in 4 kids’ brains destroyed


• Clobbering cholesterol can be fatal, and often is

 • Reverse end-stage heart failure

 • Hyperactivity officially curable

 • Knee pain? Did you check your level of vitamin D3?

 • Osteoporosis and tooth salvage

 • G-Toc cures water retention

 • Resistant Candida? Think Hg

 • New carpet, furniture and auto exhaust damage hearts

 • Rescue for sudden hearing loss


• Longevity wake-up call

 • The prostate cancer answer

 • Prevent hearing loss with NAC

 • Curing toddlers’ and teens’ obesity and diabetes

 • Safer toiletries


• Make your aging brain 12 years younger in 3 months

 • Sunscreens trigger prostatitis, prostate and breast cancer

 • Blood clots warn of cancer on the move and early death

 • How the cancer patient is enormously cheated

 • Statins can lead to blindness

 • Singles’ Holistic Cruise • Test your oncologist

 • Reverse macular degeneration


• Antibiotic-resistant infection? Look at mercury

 • Coumadin fosters osteoporosis, coronary and valve calcifications

 • Quintile Question

 • You may not be buggy enough

 • Easy colon cancer prevention

 • Glutamine speeds recovery

 • No energy? Fix it

 • Massage your Valentine

 • Coumadin can cause liver cancer

 • Reverse your disease now

MARCH 2009

• Fungus fighters rescue toxic livers and NAFLD/NASH

 • Stop chemo from killing you

 • Make your Lumen work better

 • Boron helps lower PSA and thwart prostate cancer

 • Brew your way to better memory and out of Alzheimer's

 • The “Lipitor Lie” targets kids and lowers intellect

 • Fatal lung disease from prescribed arthritis meds

 • New Rx shrinks and starves brain

APRIL 2009

• A “normal” level D triples heart attacks and doubles Lupus & MS

 • How not to die from “modern” medicine

 • Crystal ball tests detect stealth cancers on the move

 • One more nutrient that stops genes from causing cancer

 • Metabolic Syndrome X, better called 3-D Disease?

 • Thwart breast cancer or it’s return and metastases

 • Prevent hazy vision after Lasik

MAY 2009

• To cure Alzheimer's, start as soon as possible

 • Is it time to trade up on your colonoscopy doc?

 • Yuppies: Dazzle them with homemade healthful biscuits

 • Truth about fake sweeteners, melamine, pyrethrins

 • Stop heart calcifications

 • Learn to cook the books

 • ALC for chemotherapy protection

JUNE 2009

• Medical media deceit on vitamin E injures millions

 • Reverse Alzheimer’s? Yes!

 • ?ew Cod for cardiac protection

 • Blueberries for bones?

 • Vitamin D & K for cancer

 • Only 1 in 7 new drugs offers benefit

 • Three membrane repair items to turn off your disease

 • Buckwheat for high blood pressure

 • Higher vitamin dose than RDA needed to stop cancers

 • Gamma-T stops swelling & edema

JULY 2009

• The New Book is Here

 • Drug-coated Stent is the worst choice; it kills faster

 • Untested chemicals permeate homes and bodies

 • Mag absorbed through skin

 • Prune power for osteoporosis

 • Plavix found of no benefit

 • Nix on dental sealants

 • Danger after hospitalization

 • Drugs & plastics lower vitamin D, promoting cancer


• 85% of stents were found not necessary

 • Greater survival was in folks without stents

 • 1 in 4 has prostate cancer with a “normal” PSA

 • You may need marihuana oil

 • Did your doctor miss this diagnosis for exhaustion?

 • Vitamin deficiencies even when taking them?

 • Nutrients reverse PSA

 • Hidden hypothyroidism is rampant


• One vitamin can reverse serious heart disease

 • Diabetes drugs create worse diseases

 • Recipe for repairing brain memory for recent events

 • Non-Prescription meds are no guarantee of safety

 • Guard against Gardasil vaccine

 • Double your detox program

 • Iodine to stop breast cancer

 • 4 out of 5 didn’t need stent


• Enzyme zaps stent’s clots

 • Don’t do Cardiac laser ablation

 • Stop cancer’s chemotherapy from killing you

 • Cure low blood counts

 • Tinted contacts can blind

 • Detox cocktail retards aging

 • Improve Lumen pain relief

 • Kick Syndrome X and immovable weight

 • Glycine's glory expands

 • Non-GMO Phosphatidyl Choline


• Your cancer battle plan

 • Watchful waiting: does it really mean “wrong doc”?

 • Should you stop vitamin E before surgery?

 • Don’t neglect this spice for life

 • Have you got the "Mo"?

 • The fibrinogen warning: clots, cancer or cardiac death

 • No hysterectomy for fibroids

 • Sudden shortness of breath can mean fatal pulmonary embolus


• End serious and mysterious joint and muscle pain

 • Leading Rx drugs drive the Alzheimer’s epidemic

 • PC for perfect health

 • Re-evaluate your prostate plan: 75% of biopsies are wrong

 • Daily aspirin triggers blindness

 • D for cholesterol control?

 • Hormone hoax targets women, causes cancer and Alzheimer’s


• The canola con…more damaging than the soy ploy

 • Diabetics are cheated out of neuropathy and Hgb A1C cures

 • Tooth loss: a serious warning

 • Cure post-traumatic stress syndrome

 • Lumen for cancer?

 • “Safe” pesticides, not so safe

 • ALC crucial for diabetics

 • Calcified pineal gland not harmless

 • Dangers from diabetes drugs


• Turn off BPH and prostate cancer

 • You can actually cure the most fatal heart disease

 • Butyrate accelerates healing from surgery and trauma

 • Don’t fall for statins, they up your cancer risk

 • Non-Rx pain meds create fatal heart failure, high blood pressure, and joint destruction

 • Nutrients that repair cancer genes

 • Danger: 3-D Docs only use drugs, devices, and destruction

MARCH 2010

• Defend yourself against dangerous diabetes docs

 • Does your oncologist unknowingly create metastases?

 • The warfarin warning and coumadin crapshoot

 • Recognize the bad neurologist

 • New IV dangers: they hasten organ death

 • Check the cancer facts before you fall for chemotherapy

 • Worsening of mental disease in spite of drugs

 • Fosamax creates new diseases

APRIL 2010

• Cancer from arsenic in chickens

 • Canola depletes E, lowers platelets, is outlawed for infants

 • Alzheimer’s gene is bunk

 • Arthritis treatment ridiculous without EFAs

 • Chelation dangers

 • Doctors lead the way to death

 • A commonly missing detox element

 • Inflammation turns to cancer

 • Medical rationing on the horizon

MAY 2010

• ?re you aging too fast?

 • Toxic adrenals create anxiety, fatigue and poor recovery

 • Indispensable mineral for diabetics is needed by all of us

 • Key to leukemia & MDS cures

 • Do you have a dangerous Doc?

 • Cod controls over 1,000 genes

 • Post appendectomy dangers

 • Caution with resveratrol

JUNE 2010

• Butyrate repairs cancer gene

 • Silicon for body + skin scaffold

 • Solving heavy metal confusion

 • Getting insurance coverage for lab work

 • “Safe” pesticides, not so safe

 • Life begins at 60

 • Drug or repair the ailing thyroid ?

 • Cancer isn’t forever

 • Reversing ALS

JULY 2010

• Is your oncologist missing a chance to cure your cancer?

 • Kill resistant Candida

 • ALC is key for anti-aging

 • Boost HDL “good” cholesterol

 • Unknown homocysteine rescue

 • Indigestion/indican cancer link

 • Non-Rx NSAIDs trigger fatal heart failure and high BP

 • Stop killer clots

 • Plastics make cancers resistant to chemotherapy: remove them


• Reverse chronic disease by getting rid of the cause

 • Adrenal (stress gland) rescue

 • Children’s brain repair

 • Be a widow wacker and protect your spouse

 • Dangers of low secretory IgA

 • The prostate/breast cancer connection


• Safe heavy metal removal for kids and ‘delicate’ folks

 • Perspective parents must detoxify to save child’s brain

 • Why cardiologists and insurers don’t promote cures

 • Cheap vitamins cause Alzheimer’s

 • Crucial nutrients can reverse diabetes and blood pressure

 • Lumen for cancer?

 • Beware: oncologists focused on repeated x-rays and blood tests can create metastasies


• Fibromyalgia is 100% curable

 • Rx meds create the disease avalanche

 • Brain tumors from fake sugars

 • Blood clots: a clue to hidden cancer

 • Attack silent knee replacement infections

 • FDA condones brain rot and blindness as side effects

 • Beware of Aspirin to prevent cancer. It causes blindness

 • Beware of IV chelation


• Cardiac ablation (heart destruction) is not FDA approved

 • How to reverse aging and rejuvenate your heart

 • Reasons for avoiding the flu vaccine

 • Reversing macular degeneration

 • Silymarin for mitochondrial repair

 • Sick gallbladder? Don't remove it, clean it out!

 • Warning: doctors of deceit


• Current drug/medical system is proven a failure

 • How insurance companies profit from you being sick

 • Heart and blood pressure drugs create cancer and rot the brain

 • Dump the diabetologist who doesn’t repair HDL

 • No “complete physical exam” is complete without it

 • Getting rid of diabetes

 • Heal the thyroid

 • Macular degeneration reversal is ignored


• Get the thallium out after heart x-rays

 • Rescue “dead” heart muscle

 • Prepare for cardiac emergencies at home now; Part I

 • Another answer to cancer: nutrients proven better than chemotherapy

 • Is your brain silently starving?

 • D-Ribose for your emergency drug box

 • Aspirin and pain meds cause high blood pressure, strokes, deafness and eye damage


• Dangers of osteoporosis drugs

 • Learn why your cholesterol is rising in spite of doing “all the right things”?

 • Nutrient reverses heart failure

 • Flu protection made easy

 • Can’t lose weight? You must remove phthalates

 • An herb for childhood leukemia

 • Mercury dental filling during pregnancy damage fetus's brain

 • Cure your osteoporosis and hip and knee pain

MARCH 2011

• How Not to Die in the Emer- gency Room, Part II of III

 • Are these missing from your cancer program?

 • The celery solution

 • FDA protects drug that triples heart attack

 • Never ignore any warning

 • Are you part of the Plavix Ploy?

 • Tired eyes? Feed them

APRIL 2011

• How NOT to die in the Emergency Room, Part III

 • Drugs proven to be useless in disease and to even accelerate death

 • Abolish cancers from tap water

 • Protect against medical X-ray side effects

 • Injected wrinkle filler dangers

 • How to cure endometriosis

 • Norvasc shrinks brains

MAY 2011

• Recent cardiology guidelines drive drug sales, foster new diseases and shorten lives

 • Does your urologist put money ahead of your life?

 • The fallacy of “Normal level" heavy metal levels

 • Cure diabetic neuropathy, don't kill your eyes with Lyrica

 • Vitamin D for diabetes, depression and deterioration

 • Beware of cheap nutrients, they cause Alzheimer’s

 • Plavix and aspirin pitfalls

JUNE 2011

• Cure diabetic kidney disease before it kills you

 • No nitroglycerin without these nutrients

 • Zinc to rejuvenate energy

 • "Must read" books by our readers

 • Diabetes key: healing the inner blood vessels

 • Help for child's brain cancer

 • Polycarbonates are not safe

 • Breast cancer and heart disease improved with one nutrient

JULY 2011

• One nutrient replaces four prescription heart/blood pressure/cholesterol drugs

 • Do you already have leaky mitochondria?

 • Arresting arrhythmias without drugs, cardioversion or ablation

 • It’s not the meat that is bad

 • Stents: a clot magnet and not even FDA approved for acute heart attacks nor multiple stents

 • Zinc link to kill pancreatic cancer...how is yours?


• Don't let antibiotics start your downhill demise

 • Let's put an end to ignorant endocrinologists

 • Infertile ? Only in the (infertile) minds of medicine

 • How not to die of a diabetic heart

 • Do you already have early Alzheimer's?

 • How to identify plasticizer poisoning evidence on your blood tests

 • Pineapple Power

 • Doctors’ common Candida treatment mistakes


• Protest against back to school infections and allergies

 • What to do when nitroglycerin no longer works

 • Calcium channel blocker RX is a sign of blissful ignorance

 • Boost the power of your detox cocktail

 • Selenium: the destiny mineral

 • Caution: misleading labels like “No BPA”and “No Trans Fats”

 • Arrhythmia drug that kills

 • Nix flare-ups in asthma


• Hold that joint surgery until you evaluate the Lumen for pain and accelerating healing

 • Defiant, delinquent, hyperactive children need detoxifying

 • Common medications that create diabetes, and nutrients that protect

 • Dangers of low albumin

 • Something growing over the eyeball

 • Toxic nails create arthritis

 • Reverse resistant homocysteine

 • P.S., don’t forget the PC


• How to stop cancer from spreading….with MCP

 • Emergency nutrient cuts brain damage from strokes

 • Highway exhausts trigger arrhythmias and cardiac arrests

 • Weight-loss protocol in a nutshell

 • Fractionated fats foster diabetes 

• A vitamin that’s better than a flu shot

 • Cut ICU stay in half with one vitamin

 • Toxic baby bottles program infants for adult cancers


• Are you silently rotting from the inside out?

 • Just cure macular degeneration !

 • 3 Rules for Rx drug users

 • Mitochondrial repair arrests diabetes and other diseases

 • Hidden biofilms: why many can never get better. Part I of III

 • Lip smacking, facial grimacing, tics, a serious PD sign

 • Protect against chemotherapy death

 • Oops….some more medical mistakes


• Are you prepared for the critical first 15 minutes?

 • Biofilms: they stall healing indefinitely, Part II of III

 • A simple way to drop phthalate levels by more than half in 3 days

 • Nexium and Prilosec create dangerous magnesium deficiencies leading to sudden death

 • Parkinson’s protocol: the 3 Rs

 • Interrupting the vicious cycle of nutrient deficiencies

 • Zinc repairs Vitamin A


• First step to rejuvinating your brain and making new synapses
 • Is your oncologist killing you?

 • Your choice: Poison an enzyme with a cancer-causing chemical or regulate it with a natural nutrient?

 • Legislated flame retardants destroy young and old brains

 • Recipe to rejuvenate the starving brain, ADHD to Alzheimers’

 • Simple ways to make a quantum leap in health

MARCH 2012

• Your urgent need for nutrients was never greater

 • Plasticizer disease-triggering danger worse than formerly thought • Easy, inexpensive way to cut phthalate levels in half

 • Why many will never get better: Biofilms, part III of IV

 • Identify flagrant dishonesty in medicine and medical reporting

 • Leaf relief to detox your home • Is dairy a cancer risk?

APRIL 2012

• The "normal" level for vitamin D is dangerously wrong

 • First steps in freeing the body from chronic pain

 • An antibiotic that is natural and non-prescription

 • Reversal of glaucoma

 • Did you miss this early warning of brain deterioration?

 • Where to start when overwhelmed

 • The #1 cancer drug doesn’t work….where does that leave the others?

MAY 2012

• Caution: Eye doctors who tell you not to take vitamin A

 • Prescription drugs are the #1 cause of hospital admissions

 • How to get your tests ordered and drawn without your doctor

 • Medically unsophisticated men are latest drug industry targets

 • The Fosamax folly continues

 • Fetal toxins cause adult cancers

 • Reverse top two causes of death

JUNE 2012

• Hyperactivity, Learning Disorder, ADD, ADHD, PDD…all curable

 • Don’t fall victim to the Plavix, statin and aspirin hoax

 • Death to the diabetes epidemic

 • Another heart-arrhythmia drug doubles your death rate

 • Innocent children are drug industry’s target

 • Avoid Evista and rebuild bone

 • Cure fibromyalgia, angina, get rid of common leukemia triggers, etc

JULY 2012

• Guard against the unseen dangers of joint replacements

 • Kinky hair caused by chemotherapy can warn of early death

 • Did your breast and prostate cancer doctors miss this important treatment?

 • Nature's all-purpose antibiotic

 • Beans and prunes for better bones

 • Calcium useless for osteoporosis, in fact is toxic


• Solve recurring infections

 • Don’t have your chest cracked! This is better than bypass, Part I of X

 • Magnesium won't correct? Are you looking in the wrong place?

 • Vitamin D opens the doors for nutritional medicine, since half of American children are deficient

 • Prominent physicians publicly flaunt their medical ignorance

 • Depression is not just a folate deficiency—learn to cure it!


• Toxic store purchase receipts damage children's brains

 • Melt away plaque, part II of X

 • Just cure Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders

 • Nickel toxicity mimics disease

 • How difficult can it be to slow arteriosclerosis?

 • Does arginine cause Herpes re- activation

 • What are coronary and carotid plaques made out of?

 • Raise intestinal sIgA to heal the brain, immune and detox systems


• The key may be K

 • Do you really need that hip surgery or can you fix it yourself?

 • Melt Away Plaque, Part III of X

 • What causes a heart attack in healthy young folks?

 • Have you done your myo- fascial release stretch today?

 • Stomach, gum and other hidden bugs create heart disease


• Melting Coronary Plaque, part IV of X: Fat' s where it's at !

 • Reverse impending blindness

 • A simple tool for our overweight children

 • Air pollution: a silent treatable cause of fatal arrhythmias and heart attacks

 • Protect yourself against toxic airline syndrome

 • Stop the rise of leukemias and other cancers


• Did your diabetes doc miss this anti-aging key?

 • Melt away plaque, Part V of X

 • Caution: docs who blame your genes

 • Lowering heavy metals is pivotal for resistant hypertension cures

 • Protect your liver from holiday alcohol

 • Curing post-partum depression

 • Depression warns of other diseases silently brewing


• Part VI of X, Melting Plaque: Emergency Heart Repair After a Heart Attack

 • What every woman with breast cancer must know

 • Causes and Cures For Loose Joint Replacements

 • The Heart Repair Cocktail’s 5 Ingredients

 • The Right Fats Make Cancer Cells Commit Suicide

 • “Experts” Changing the Name of a Cancer to Save Money

 • Rationing of medical care is here


• What you were not told about your stent

 • Which common prescription heart drugs poison each other?

 • The Plavix ploy worsens

 • Medications to lose and medications to use after a stent

 • How a stent changes the rules of healing

 • Rescue from impending blindness

MARCH 2013

• How to cut your risk of death a walloping 80%

 • Don’t let a high fat meal create a heart attack

 • Part VIII of X: Plaque reversal

 • The Mitochondrial Repair • Cocktail

 • Dangerous cardiologists use chemotherapy instead of curing heart disease

 • Stool test shows if your pancreas is in impending trouble

 • Reverse early color blindness

 • Heart meds deplete CoQ10

APRIL 2013

• Part IX of X: Reversing plaque and How to heal after a heart attack

 • The “bone on bone” scam

 • BPN, The best crystal ball test predicts cardiac disaster with no symptoms yet • Grapefruit: crucial for coronaries

 • Take a quantum leap with your plaque reversal program

 • How to correct deficiencies of the Ornish program

MAY 2013

• BNP test predicts death, even with no symptoms

 • How to boost your BNP protection

 • Part X of X, Plaque reversal: Making the low-fat program easier

 • Mysterious arthritis solved

 • American Heart Association recommendations actually increase coronary plaque 45%

 • That new disease may be a late emerging drug reaction

JUNE 2013

• Do you need a joint magician? Part I of X

  • Tight muscles mimic “failed joint surgery syndrome”, bad lumbar discs, “bone on bone” joints, and sciatica

  • DHA can stop cancer metastases

  • Protect your eyes from cataracts glaucoma and aging

  • Start early to stop Alzheimer’S

JULY 2013

• Your cancer cure crash course

 • How to turn off chemotherapy’s side effects

 • Killing cancer after you've been given up on

 • Do you need a joint magician? Part II of X

 • Another piece of the puzzle for the "failed surgical disc syndrome”, the "pseudo-disc syndrome", and sciatica

 • Neutralize radiation damage after x-rays


• A Major Cancer Answer

 • Do you need joint magician?: Part III of X

 • The muscle that masquerades as monumental misery

 • Pediatricians admit they’re a danger to diabetic children

 • The hormone hoax

 • Dry eyes Rx is chemotherapy in disguise

 • Detox your way out of “incurable”

 • Phthalates create autism


• How to identify the clueless cardiologist

 • How to cure osteoporosis, failed joint implants or jaw bone loss

 • Only the 8-E's will do for asthma and cancer

 • Do you need a joint magician? Part IV of X

 • The butt of the problem may be your butt

 • Hairdresser chemicals raise havoc with minds and emotions


• Prostate cancer crash course

 • Do you need a joint magician? Part V of X

 • Caution: diet pills and diet foods create new diseases

 • Another prescription that is a sign of the "clueless cardiologist"

 • Is your CRP (inflammation meter) screaming for DHA?

 • Did your cardiologist forget to feed your mitochondria?

 • If a doc reads and cures, he is called “Unconventional”


• How our brains are poisoned by government mandates and physician “specialists”

 • Do you need a joint magician?

 • Part VI of X, The perils of the piriformis

 • Laughable advice from "specialists"

 • Getting labs covered by insurance

 • The hidden cause of all disease

 • SAD’s depression isn’t all about light • Begin your brain repair today


• Researchers created prostate cancer then blamed it on nutrients that the men were not even taking

 • New hidden nightshade sources create crippling pain

 • Vicious cycle: Latest atrial fibrillation drug depletes magnesium and potassium

 • Do you need a joint magician? Part VII of X: Is the pain from the hip or knee signaling more problems?

 • 5 major stumbling blocks that can thwart your joint pain progress

 • Countering hormone replacement therapy’s side effects


• How to diagnose your doctor: Is he a dunce or a dynamo?

 • Fix your folate properly

 • The biggest danger to your child? The pediatrician

 • Do You Need a Joint Magician? Part VIII of X

 • Smooth stride or short shuffling and stumbling gait?

 • Learn how to turn off sudden/ labile hypertension and lethal arrhythmias


• Common U.S. food ingredient equates to filling 2 teeth with mercury every day of your life

 • How to prepare for life-threatening allergic reactions

 • How a hidden zinc deficiency creates all diseases

 • Harvard’s latest prescription for breast cancer? Just ignore it!

 • Do You Need a Joint Magician? Part IX of X

 • Adductor muscles make the walk’s “swing phase” possible

 • Health magazines are getting sicker

 • No disease comes on suddenly

MARCH 2014

• How to see through the “legal lying” which is enormously pervasive on food labels

 • Dump the dangerous pediatrician who treats your child with statins

 • Do You Need a Joint Magician? Part X of X : Is the soleus the sole of your problem?

 • Solving the disease promoting confusion about vitamin D

 • Inflammation-controlling drugs create cancer

 • Sifting through metastatic cancer choices

APRIL 2014

• Danger: ICU destroys the brain120

 • Don't forget to heal the damaged nerves, and especially MND

 • Accutane begs for cancer in patients plus cancer in offspring

 • Do you have a bad genes or just a bad doctor? Stop and reverse early Alzheimer’s now!

 • Overweight, asthmatic teens are curable

 • Easy help for hemorrhoids and constipation

 • Protect against x-ray damage

MAY 2014

• Worse after hospitalization? You may have I.V. Toxin Syndrome

 • Don’t let that high-fat meal be your last meal

 • Stop colon polyps from becoming cancerous

 • You must heal the mitochondria to cure cancer

 • Office water coolers leach antimony

 • Cure fatty liver disease (NASH, NAFLD) before it snowballs

 • Tylenol is the #1 cause of liver failure thwart side effects from drugs

 • Get a head start on turning off asthma and Parkinson’s disease

JUNE 2014

• Everyday foods that silently destroy your health

 • Prevent brain loss after surgery • Fight fat with a fat

 • How to get the doctor of your dreams

 • The key start for cancer patients

 • Hold that knee and uterine surgery until you know this….

 • Leading medical center doctors flaunt their ignorance

JULY 2014

• The hormone that rejuvenates memory, Parkinson’s, sleep and more

 • Tranquilizers and sleep medications rot the brain 4-fold

 • Vitamin D3 fights Alzheimer’s brain amyloid

 • Not-so-sweet table toxins

 • Dental plaque cure that costs nothing and is done at home

 • A gift of the crystal ball heartscan

 • How a muscle cramp can save your life


• Change food fears into healing food facts

 • The brain-rescue that also zaps arrhythmia, angina, and chemotherapy death

 • Is your mysterious disease from taking tetracycline in the past?

 • Where to start with quelling the causes of osteoarthritis

 • How to heal the stomach and gut

 • More stealth toxins at the table

 • More medical specialists publically flaunt their ignorance


• Insomnia remedy without nutrients

 • Simple way to arrest clots

 • How to stop the “invisible” cause of hospital death

 • The dangerous scoop on the latest blood thinners

 • Heal dying hipbones, diagnosed as avascular necrosis

 • Auto-immune diseases can be caused by antibiotics

 • Focus on membrane repair

 • Doctors admit in study they don’t know what tests to order, nor how to interpret them

 • “Normal” labs are not normal


• Here is a crystal ball test that predicts death, and only you have the power to reverse it

 • How to diagnose new onset food allergies that masquerade as mysterious, incurable diseases

 • Worms as potent medicine

 • Rescue for babies’ brains: they are in more silent danger than ever

 • How to avoid tooth loss

 • How to tell you’re in trouble when you’ve been told “everything is fine”

 • Dissolve clots before they kill


• Order your own crystal ball tests to save your life

 • Beware of thyroid prescriptions: they don’t cure but merely mask

 • The ignored homocysteine cure and perpetrated methylation myth

 • Coumadin dangers and safe substitutes

 • How to use odd moments to strengthen your body

 • Guard against medicine’s ignorance


• The chromium caper can cure cholesterol and cravings

 • The missed homocysteine cure and the methylation myth

 • Finding the cause and cure costs less than Rx drugs

 • The membrane, not the gene, is the cell control

 • Quick rescues for depression, thinning hair

 • Dangers of wrinkle removers and lip plumpers

 • Help for intractable hemorrhoids


• Taurine: don’t leave home without it

 • Is the physical exam dead?

 • R-LA for brain rejuvenation

 • Get rid of the #1 cause of 

 • Never underestimate the power of diet and detoxification

 • With that daily aspirin, remember Phosphatidyl Choline Powder

 • Forewarned is fore-armed


• Exhausted but tests are normal?

 • You eat foods that produce opioid addiction, schizophrenia and obesity

 • Dangers of drugs with similar names

 • Candida prophylaxis useless

 • How one nutrient replaces 3 prescription drugs

 • Repair dangerous resting pulse of over 80 beats per minute

MARCH 2015

• Solution for one of the worst stealth toxins that destroys life

 • The copper conundrum can cure or kill

 • Easy solution for constant radiation damage

 • Warning: the AMA has proven itself an extreme danger to your future health

 • Heal those young brains, don’t poison them

APRIL 2015

• The 6 pillars of poison pollutants

 • Did you feed your internal “Terminator” today?

 • The best magnesium miracle

 • Is your disease stuck forever, or are you just ignoring HMT?

 • Gout’s elevated uric acid forecasts early cardiac death

 • Cures that are swept under the rug

 • Clearing confusion about “normal” vitamin D levels

: • Copper can stop DVT clots

 • The latest: buying a heart attack

MAY 2015

• Life relies on electrons to supply the electricity of cells

 • Mold mania mimics a multitude of maladies

 • Stalled healing? Check E-8

 • When healing the eye, check its electricity, called voltage

 • How to find hidden cancers

 • How to tell if your pancreas is secretly dying

 • Safe satisfying salt substitute

JUNE 2015

• Beware of oncologists who warn you to avoid nutrients

 • 5 easy steps to tame your internal “Terminators”

 • Ablation is like hiring a doc to give you a heart attack

 • U.S. health is down to #37, but its cost is up to world #1

 • Beyond your ejection fraction, find vessels ready to rupture

 • Control fungi that live inside all of our blood cells

JULY 2015

• Avoid #1 cause of death from implants, which become infection, biofilm and clot magnets

 • Injectable heparin: an absolute must in your emergency treatment box

 • Low-down on PRP, stem cells, restless legs, plantar fasciitis

 • 1 Say “No” to NSAIDs for cancer

 • Highway pollutants trigger heart attacks, lung clots and arrhythmias

 • Millions have paid cardiologists to give them a heart attack, called “ablation”


• Non-surgical gallstone and kidney stone removal

 • Aspirin has no impact on death rate

 • Herb and food phyto-nutrients fight hypercoagulability, the (death-defining clotting) syndrome

 • Chronic back pain rescue

 • Understanding the connectedness of all disease

 • You and I: the invisible generation

 • Protect kids from antibiotics

 • Antibiotic-resistant bugs biofilm solutions


• Bugs that create plaque, cancer, and clots lurk in the mouth

 • The Homocysteine Hoax

 • The correctable cause of all disease: it’s all coming together

 • Arthritis cause ignored

 • Can the tooth fairy bring brain cancer?

 • Processed foods; iron can create cancers

 • Potent arthritis solutions


• One simple nutrient to reverse heart disease

 • Order the test that can save your life

 • Strip those cancer cells naked

 • How hospitals increase the chance of death 10-fold

 • Another common yet serious nutrient deficiency that cardiologists miss

 • The only test to show non-calcified plaque, the #1 killer

 • Pleiomorphism, the key to cancer


• Ablation for fibrillation? It’s the biggest fib about A-fib

 • Evidence for the Plavix ploy

 • How to double your brain power in a few months

 • A no-cost body electron boost

 • A correctable cause of all chronic diseases

 • How food’s MSG damages the brain and heart


• What you had better teach your oncologist, if you plan to survive

 • Selenium is crucial for healing cancer and stopping metastases

 • FDA’s hidden deceit regarding the safety of drugs and devices

 • The deadliest place to be? Clearly the hospital

 • One herb for hepatitis, NASH’s fatty liver, and chemo side effects

 • How to tank up on healing electrons with Vitamin V

 • When exercise beats out a drug


• You don’t have to die this year

 • Lactate, a hidden indicator of death (even if you feel well) is easily reversed with one vitamin

 • Be sure you use the crystal ball tests to save your life

 • Why are you suddenly salt sensitive and hypertensive?

 • Common pain medicines lead to heart attacks and worsen strokes

 • Diabetes meds can shorten life


• FDA uses U.S. diet to create chronic and killer diseases

 • What’s best for the flu?

 • Common food damaging chemical lasts 8 years in the body

 • Dissolve away carotid plaque

 • Lipitor and Crestor rot brain and create chronic diseases

 • Thyroid nodules: What to do

 • Phthalates program fetus for cancer

MARCH 2016

• What to do for one of your predictors of death, a high LpPLA2

 • Common and expensive, blood tests, as for Lyme’s, genes and hormones are useless

 • Non Rx blood thinners, pain medications (NSAIDs) and even aspirin can cause deadly clots

 • Best RX for A-fib if you must take one

 • 5 pillars of the pollution solution

APRIL 2016

• Carry these emergency meds with you wherever you go, forever and rehearse their use

 • How to outlive your oncologist

 • Is that cancer really incurable?

 • How to organize your nutrients

 • When antibiotics create worse infections than Candida

 • Prescription medications that cause diabetes

 • Warning on blood thinners: no test of whether they work!

MAY 2016

• Tylenol causes cataracts

 • Don’t let sugar cause heart disease; cure your hypoglycemia

 • Stop the libido lie: “When the moment is right” just cure your erectile dysfunction

 • Glycine defuses chemo brain

 • Reverse the causes of disease

 • Best nutrients useless without PC

 • Control your future coronary calcium score

JUNE 2016

• Long-awaited Answers for Osteoarthritis

 • Urgent: Cure IBS, for the gut is the 2 nd brain

 • Boron boost affects all tissues

 • Thwart common food additive that causes Alzheimer’s

 • 7 out of 8 medical device manufacturers blow off FDA

 • Clear up liver cysts, fatty deposits, NASH and hepatitis

 • Lab test in danger

JULY 2016

• How to stay away from deadly statins, yet keep your doctor

 • Brassica boost thwarts cancers

 • The malignant mismanagement of magnesium

 • How to diagnose the clueless cardiologist

 • Trouble getting rid of Candida?

 • Vitamin D on the endangered list

 • A cancer crystal ball test?

 • “Evidence-based” rationed care


• Fibrinogen: the forgotten kiss of death

 • That iron in your nutrients can be a killer

 • Don’t fall victim of coronary calcium score rationing

 • Caution: check your “invisible” physicians

 • Memory loss screams for PC

 • Clot-buster fundamentals

 • Causes of brain cancer epidemic


• Does your brain need a lithium lift?

 • The wrong vitamin E can kill you

 • Low vitamin D predicts obesity

 • Eggs are “eggsactly” what you need

 • Diabetes drugs that create cancer

 • Overcome Allergies to disease mimicking implants


• Feed your memory’s “hippo”

 • Purple for colon cancer control

 • Sports “energy” drinks are for losers

 • Top 2 “correctable” reasons why some will never get better

 • Gene damage is easily reversed

 • Learn to turn off cancer, but don’t dally

 • Don’t let age discrimination dictate your lifespan


• The 24 HIDDEN reasons why healing is indefinitely stalled

 • Did you get this prostate cancer crystal ball test?

 • Those pink packets of fake sugars can destroy brain

 • 80,000 men will be falsely told their prostate biopsies are negative this year

 • Fatty liver disease: a completely curable epidemic

 • FDA advice? Be sure to add Pop-Tarts to your next salad


• Consider a “spot welding” job on those joints

 • Erase chronic joint pain in just 2 months

 • Flower power for prostatitis

 • Leading diabetes drug damages brain

 • Prolotherapy: bringing new life to old joints

 • Tocotrienols have reversed MSG’s Alzheimer’s damage


• Installment 2: The 24 hidden reasons that keep everyone sick

 • Journal of the American Medical Association confirms the #1 cause of death is medical treatment

 • PTSD victims need to detox

 • The herb to ward off deterio- ration of memory and mood

 • Slow down and even reverse Lp PLA2 soft plaque progression

 • Aspirin benefits are de minimis


• Continuation: the repairable reasons that keep everyone sick

 • Nutrient that stifles inflammation

 • You can start one of Alzheimer’s neglected cures today

 • Stop GMO foods from creating allergies & auto-immunity

 • You control your genes, not vice versa

 • Fix for your afternoon energy slump

MARCH 2017

• How to diagnose the dangerous diabetes and “gene” docs

 • Heavy metal interference fields bring healing to a screeching halt

 • More neglected (yet correctable) crystal ball tests predict death

 • Cancer docs inappropriately Rx Co Q10

 • Last chance to heal your cancer?

 • Fire your “invisible doctor”

 • Is that a drug reaction?

 • Expensive stem cells can be useless with/out assay and detox

APRIL 2017

• Rescue yourself from implants and dysbiosis

 • ?-Toc protects hearts

 • Is your road to health paved with good intestines?

 • Nexium and Prilosec create heart attacks and fertilize cancer

 • You are not only what you ate, but what your food source ate

 • R-Lipoic detoxes mycotoxins

 • Neglected cancer cures

MAY 2017

• These 9 medical errors keep you fat, fatigued and forever forgetful

 • The needs of the knees: overcoming knee osteoarthritis

 • Malignant melanoma mystery solved

 • Is it loss of hearing or (correctable) loss of electrons?

 • Taurine to charge your energy

 • If your doctor is stuck, teach your doctor to THINK

JUNE 2017

• Simple diet changes erase disease

 • Blood test that shows you’ll be dead in a year

 • Feed your “hippo” and reverse “old age” memory loss

 • How the FDA creates chronic disease

 • Get rid of silent brain-damaging toxins

 • Figuring out your own food allergies

 • Magnesium mania saves lives

 • You can’t have your cake, and eat it too

JULY 2017

• Is it time to trade your cancer dunce for a cancer dynamo?

 • Common drugs that deceivingly destroy the brain

 • Crystal ball tests tell when you’ll die, even if you feel well

 • 1 in 3 healthy young women has coronary calcifications

 • N-telopeptide tells if you are losing bone on your current program

 • Heal your fatty liver and cysts via the “toco” transition


• Memorize these signs of unsuspected imminent death

 • Blood tests and EKGs don’t rule out a heart attack

 • Statins, Nexium, Prilosec, and Tylenol create cataracts

 • A grapefruit a day donates electrons to keep disease away

 • EEDs can bring life to a screeching halt

 • Excess body fat stores electron stealers and clogs the brain


• Formula for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s

 • Dangers that lurk in the hospital

 • Fixing one simple nutrient deficiency can banish disease

 • Statins proven to have no bearing on death rate, but huge life-depleting side effects

 • Kidney failure and dialysis are the last chance

 • The greatest medical mistake of the century

 • Rescue from memory loss

 • Pandemic Vitamin D deficiency fuels all chronic diseases


• Foods that donate healing electrons

 • How to avoid dying this year

 • Over 1 in 3 young “healthy” women in their 40s already has coronary artery disease

 • One of the most important vitamins for all cancer victims

 • Cancer-causing sandwiches

 • Electrons: the staff of life


• One nutrient solves insomnia, depression, and cravings

 • Are you clinging to life? Make more mitochondria

 • Foods that steal electrons

 • Are you ready for a blueberry electron boost?

 • How to get your daily quota of disease-fighting electrons

 • Only the right folic acid makes new brain cells

 • How to avoid dying this year


• Cure the Computer Disease

 • The Canola Con triggers heart and brain calcifications

 • How popular sports drinks can actually defeat the athlete

 • Toxic arsenic is not just in rice

 • Testosterone and DHEA, hidden hormone deficiencies silently accelerate disease

 • How to save your spouse’s life


• Over-view for boosting healing electrons

 • Thwarting FDA-potentiated Alzheimer’s

 • Getting rid of this hidden food ingredient might just cure you

 • Stop cancer cells from metastasizing

 • Start super-charging your diet

 • How medicine promotes hormone handicaps

 • To beat lung cancer you must take control


• Is that nutrient really outdated?

 • Medicine has just declared you a non-entity

 • From fat frenzy to fat fetish: Settling the fat fugue

 • Bipolar? Manic-depressive? Or just brain chemistry needing repair?

 • Magnesium rescue for traumatic brain injuries and strokes

 • Curing eczema can be cheap

 • A crucial heart attack prevention

MARCH 2018

• Your cancer treatment program

 • A hug a day may keep disease away

 • How heartburn creates a heart attack

 • The cure is Alimentary, my dear Watson

 • Thyroid cancer, the newest hidden epidemic

 • How flawed studies promote chronic diseases

 • Get rid of your allergies now

 • Low down on the new cholesterol drug, ® Repatha

APRIL 2018

• Lithium (low dose) for a brain that lasts a lifetime

 • Exercise: a powerful electron generator

 • WANTED: a cardiologist who can think outside the box

 • Dangerous eye docs recommend artificial tears

 • Never succumb to fatty liver disease

 • The canola con continues

 • For an Easter gift, create your own resurrection

MAY 2018

• Did they really die from cancer or just ignorance?

 • The simplest cure for fatty liver

 • One nutrient stops pancreatic cancer from deli meats

 • Don’t let exercise’s electrons damage your brain

 • One of the brain’s most crucial memory nutrients? Fat

 • A proven, inexpensive way to lower the #1 body pollutant, plastics

 • Start with this basic formula for your plaque attack

JUNE 2018

• Rescue for folks who think their health is stalled

 • Calcium the killer

 • Devices to boost electrons, your most important nutrient

 • Star Trek medicine has arrived

 • The piezo-electric body needs PC

 • Is that shortness of breath because your heart is dying?

 • Harvard public health physicians flaunt their nutritional ignorance

JULY 2018

• Turn off diabetes before it becomes an accelerated form of Alzheimer’s

 • The sulfur solution for reversal of resistant diseases and busting clots

 • All lectins are not bad

 • Boost your adrenal stress gland

 • Glyphosate levels are 6 times higher in Americans than in Europeans

 ??? “Look for the sulfur lining”???


• High blood pressure caused by NSAID pain medication

 • Harvard MDs flaunt their nutritional ignorance

 • First steps to decontaminate your body’s silent poisoning from corn sugar’s mercury

 • Unexpected cure for back pain, depression, and fibromyalgia

 • Is that shortness of breath because your heart is silently dying?

 • What causes dangerous loss of sense of smell?


• Hidden danger of “a little” shortness of breath

 • Most blood pressure measurements are done incorrectly, leading to more meds

 • How to rescue the silently failing heart, which kills quicker than cancer (in 5 versus 6 years)

 • Know how to avoid the foods that make the body self-destruct

 • Reverse auto-immune disease

 • Avoid death from the clueless cardiologist


• Rescue post-surgery brain deterioration

 • A-fib, the biggest “fib” in medicine

 • The real causes and unknown cures for leaky gut

 • Small changes can heal the entire body

 • All lectins are not bad, we actually need lectins

 • Hypoallergenic muffin in a mug

 • Magnesium reverses early Alzheimer’s memory loss


• The cure for hypertension and sleep apnea epidemics

 • Fatigued, fat, and forgetful? Just fix it!

 • Testing your NO (vasodilating anti- oxidant nitric oxide) levels at home

 • More tools to heal the leaky gut

 • Diagnosing the dangerous endocrinologist

 • Specialties: one of medicine’s biggest mistakes

 • Spinal injuries require speed

 • Common chemicals that insidiously damage the thyroid


• Make sure you can fight off any cancer

 • CSE for leaky gut

 • How to get rid of high blood pressure and cardiac plaque

 • You can heal what cancer specialists cannot

 • Before surgery, prepare yourself, for surgeons work blindly

 • Doctors may no longer need to study science or to re-certify


• Start the year with the right crystal ball test

 • Reversing the 7 major causes of chronic diseases

 • Another unseen cause of killer diseases, atrazine

 • The Teflon truth: it destroys thyroids, hearts and brains

 • We are doomed if we don’t detox

 • How the FDA guarantees we lead the world in chronic diseases

 • 10 reasons thyroid treatment fails


• Hydrogen for healing and detox

 • How that bedtime sugar before damages the heart

 • Is your cancer doc a dangerous dunce, or a dynamo? Test him

 • Rescue your brain from silent deterioration

 • Plagued by insomnia? Look at the hidden control, the gut

 • Why you are not absorbing your nutrients

MARCH 2019

• The leaky gut may just be stuffed with fat

 • Getting that athlete’s edge

 • The 7-M major causes of chronic diseases

 • Not even soap is safe; triclosan causes cancer

 • The Lyme disease lie

 • Beans repair the microbiome

 • Don’t fall for vitamin E-bashing

 • JAMA has just set medicine back 50 years; they state that nutrients are not needed!

APRIL 2019 

• Protect yourself from the hospital: the most dangerous environment

 • Celery, celer-ah, celer-eee, celer- ah, -ah, -ah, -ah, -ah, -ah ?? ???

 • A-fib and hypertension need their “anchor” supplements

 • Titanium: morphs from joint replacements and dental implants to arthritis and brain damage

 • Easy Cruciferous cures

MAY 2019

• How to diagnose the dangerous endocrinologist

 • Millions secretly at risk for curable memory loss

 • Caution: diet gurus who advise citrus avoidance

 • Parsley to reprogram genes?

 • MSG means serious misguidance

 • When your vitamin doesn’t work?

 • Amino acid that controls blood pressure, fatty liver and sleep apnea

 • Toxins from food’s aluminum foil

JUNE 2019

• Forgotten Facts: curing cystitis without antibiotics

 • GMO foods kill Glycine, the hinge, anchor and healer

 • Thousands of cancer patients are cheated via CT and CEA

 • Don’t forget to demand this test on your next physical

 • Sweet dreams for someone you love who is in a nursing home

 • Rescue your liver before the hepatologist kills you

JULY 2019

• Avoid fighting the opioid epidemics of brain and joint decay; resurrect your memory and joint motion

 • Get rid of knee arthritis before it destroys your life

 • Repairing early a memory loss and even reverse Altzheimer’s

 • Undeniable niacin benefits of clot-busting electron charge and feeding the brain


• Irregular heartbeats demand immediate look for cause and cure

 • Arresting the depression/suicide epidemics

 • Don’t forget when you heal one thing you heal many

 • One more way the cancer patient is enormously cheated

 • Start making healing smoothies

 • Many roles for one phytonutrient

 • D = Dangerous Dunce if your oncologist doesn’t measure this


• You need to have a broccoli brain-boost

 • The opioid epidemic answer

 • Has olive oil lost its virginity?

 • The heart medicine that slowly kills

 • Delay and even reverse some Parkinson’s disease

 • Healing with hydrogen


• 17% under 40 already have hypertension

 • Testosterone creates heart attacks

 • 25-year olds already have (reversible) Alzheimer’s and coronary calcifications

 • Novel probiotic also detoxifies

 • Vitamin D crucial to normalize diabetes and A1C (aging CBT)

 • Think twice if you’re on diabetes meds, the new side effects are worse than the disease


• Get yourself galvanized

 • A sign of brain deterioration without symptoms is reversible

 • Testing your cardiologist is absolutely crucial

 • For curing depression, start with our THINK acronym

 • Don’t forget to sneak around the house

 • Millenials already have early Alzheimer’s lesions

 • The cure for labile hypertension


• You need to prepare for your worst emergency

 • Healing in spite of the clueless cardiologist

 • Poisoned peroxisomes (the kiss of death) rescued by Tocotrionols

 • Protection of eye, heart and brain includes taurine

 • Cut chance of colon cancer in half

 • Need an adrenal hormone boost?

 • How to test your doctor. Your life depends on it


• How the ketogenic diet can heal or harm

 • Victims of current thyroid “specialists”

 • Reverse auto-immune disease

 • More ways to heal the gut and obesity

 • Is hydrogen the universal antioxidant?

 • Last month’s quiz answers; test your docs

 • BEMER magnetic field therapy


• Rescue your Valentine from the clueless cardiologist

 • Make sure you survive the emergency room

 • Know these hidden nightshades to keep arthritis away

 • An answer to the opioid epidemic

 • Heart attack rescue

 • Crystal ball tests show imminent danger with no symptoms

 • The sweet cardiac solution

MARCH 2020

• Protect yourself from your implant

 • Alzheimer’s patients are forever cheated

 • GSE to heal the leaky gut

 • Molecular hydrogen is the universal antioxidant

 • Arginine heals blood vessels and prevents clots

 • Improperly treated homocysteine becomes silently lethal

 • Daily aspirin, not totally harmless

 • Start to learn to interpret your Cardio/ION

APRIL 2020

• Artificial sweeteners are only for the ignorant

 • Never ignore these first signs of early kidney death

 • Make triply sure you’re ready for an emergency

 • Elastase: an early yet serious pancreatic warning

 • How to reverse knee arthritis

 • Hydrogen for prevention of Alzheimer’s

 • Gamma-tocopherol kills human prostate cancer cells

MAY 2020

• What makes the coronavirus so deadly?

 • How does this virus get into our cells?

 • How to close the Corona virus gates

 • Medicines that make you Corona-bait

 • American medicine specialists work blindly, but you do not need to

 • America needs an oil change

 • Mineral magic can make or break your success

 • Simple test shows if you are in danger

JUNE 2020

• Prepare for Corona’s 2nd wave now

 • Why the US will be hardest hit

 • How does Corona kill?

 • How to begin to make yourself Corona-proof

 • Zinc for virus birth control

 • D3 closes the Corona gates

 • Medications create Alzheimer’s and open Corona’s gates

JULY 2020

• Corona is more like a cancer than a flu

 • Stop Corona virus from getting inside your cells

 • Vitamin D chokes off cancer’s sugar supply and closes Corona’s gates

 • Mangled trans fats, a most potent 7M, demand an oil change

 • What Corona tests should you do?

 • Why US folks are most vulnerable for the 2nd wave


• I think that I have discovered more on the corona answer

 • Stop Corona’s morphing from the common cold to a quick- killing cancer.

 • Stop arsenic toxicity and loss of minerals in the cell’s matrix communication system

 • Shingles is a gift, if used wisely

 • Protect your gut after eating out


• The creation of a quick-killing cancer from a common cold virus

 • Clarification of the hydroxychloroquine controversy

 • Your pet can save your life • Hydrogen for implant biofilms

 • Vitamin D3 closes the Corona gates

 • Zinc is the Corona virus birth control

 • For hibernating Covid-19 heal the leaky gut


• Curb those carbs and feast on fat

 • Exercise fuels memory & protects against Covid-19

 • Individualized keto diet aids Corona-proofing

 • Healing the insulin receptor to stop insulin resistance

 • A root to moderate metastases and CoV-19

 • HDL is more important than cholesterol, and raised by saturated fat


• Your 8-stage Corona-proof starter

 • Keto diet for insulin resistance and Covid protection

 • What to fix when your thyroid hormone doesn’t work

 • America needs an oil change

 • Fight disease with the right fats

 • Repair vitamin, hormone and Covid-19 receptors


• One inexpensive nutrient cuts your Covid-19 and ICU death rate 34%

 • Change your focus from just surviving or thriving

 • Anti-ketogenic articles flaunt biochemical ignorance

 • Learn what ICU docs don’t know about saving your life

 • Myth Destroyed: “Your diet covers all your nutrient needs”


•   Nutrients proven to stop cancer metastases and Covid-21

 • Time for some serious detox?

 • Common meds create Alzheimer’s and quadruple Covid-19 risk

 • Crystal ball control of your health in 2020

 • A heart attack dangerously and falsely creates high magnesium

 • Statins eventually guarantee Alzheimer’s

 • Still have memory loss?

 • Beware of dangerous doctors


 •  Lithium against prions, the brain-damaging stealth Corona virus particle

 • Nutraceuticals that make chemotherapy work better

 • Turn off the 7 Covid-19 stages

 • Jumping genes and 40X mutation rate guarantee CoV-19 can never go away, and continually changes

MARCH 2021

 •  Thwart the 7 stages of COVID-19

 • “To be or not to be”, but always B3

 • COVID-19 prion particles create the perfect crime and silently target brain destruction

 • The right resveratrol protects against 7M toxin poisoning

 • Simple signs of the clueless doctor

 • The purple promis to heal the gut

APRIL 2021 

 •  Heparin cuts Covid-19 deaths

 • The prion promise: there may never be a blood test, vaccine or drug.

 • Covid-19 has only been a dress rehearsal: prepare for the next waves

 • Immediate COVID protection when you’ve been exposed

 • Look for the silver lining, or create your own

 • COVID-19 final waves are lung cancer and Alzheimer’s

MAY 2021

 •  Nutrients and melatonin can stop COVID’s ICU deaths

 • Think twice about how you send that kid off to college

 • Taurine deficiency as a crystal ball predicter of ICU death

 • Caution: beware of fish oil denigrators

 • $10 worth of vitamin C cuts the ICU sepsis death rate 34%

JUNE 2021

 •   First steps to defeating the 7 stages of Covid-19

 • What to do the moment you’ve been exposed to Covid

 • Stop Covid prions from destroying memory, mood, behavior, intellect

 • Farmed fish can cause human insulin resistance and fatty liver

 • Covid’s host (You!) determines its danger

 • The many needs for healing the knees

 • A gingerly health promoter

JULY 2021  

 •  Covid’s waves are merely a dress rehearsal for the tsunami

 • Stop Covid’s killing by clotting

 • Wipe out brain-destroying Covid prions

 • Melatonin against Covid’s spike

 • Prepare for COVID-22 now

 • Prostate cancer as a turning point

 • In the good old summertime save your heart from heatstroke


 •   More damaging than trans fats, but invisible and makes you Covid-bait

 • Current Covid-19 wave is merely a dress rehearsal

 • Signs of a dangerous doc or dentist

 • New food toxin promotes insulin resistance and lethal clotting

 • Don’t go blindly into eye surgery

 • Quick action for brain damage after surgery and anesthesia

 • 5 minute Carrot Cake in a Cup


 • Concentrate on Covid’s weak spots to ensure your success

 • Overworked gut promotes insulin resistance, brain damage and invites Covid

 • Curcumin and Longevinex against Covid

 • ECG readings commonly miss your heart attack

 • Cardiovascular drugs create Alzheimer’s

 • Resveratrol for diabetes and Covid protection

 • Cancer cells crave sugar and GSK-3


 •   Should you get the Covid vaccine?

 • Covid: is the connection to all diseases

 • D deficiency, the deathknell to your total load and whether CoV kills

 • Lutein, not just for eyes but COVID

 • PTSD victims are enormously cheated

 • Does the type of Resveratrol matter?

 • Covid protection as soon as you get home can stop the virus at the door



 •   Covid-19 is on its way to Covid-22; Are you ready?

 • From insulin resistance to COVID-19, need best forms of vanadium/chromium, silymarin, GSE, curcumin, lithium, D3, resveratrol, and more

 • China built 12 hospitals in 5 months, while

 • Covid is in the top 3 causes of US deaths

 • Covid silently strikes hearts and brains in US

 • How to stop Covid’s final killing by clotting

 • Avoid Thanksgiving arthritis trap


 •  To resist Covid become king of your castle

 • One nutrient with several Covid- conquering functions

 • How to decipher dangerous advice

 • The 5 ways to protect against Covid exposures

 • American medical specialities are handcuffed

 • Diagnose your own insulin resistance

 • Covid protection may get rid of your other diseases

 • Your doctor won’t even prescribe magnesium?


 •  Disarm the Covid camouflages

 • Copper is part of the cure

 • Lumen-ize your pain away

 • Begin to grow new brain

 • The gut-brain axis control over Alzheimer’s

 • Niagen can stop Covid from masquerading as a human cell


 •  Stop cancer metastases before they begin

 • Latest cardiovascular scam: amyloidosis cardiomyopathy

 • Heal Covid long haulers or cardiovascular disease, since both are coagulopathies (kill by clotting)

 • Lithium for autophagy (detox and cell housekeeping) clears heart and brain amyloid, the cause of Alzheimer’s

 • Covid cannot go away, and will continually mutate, so make sure you are on these protective nutrients

 • More kids with undiagnosed heart damage, from COVID, 7-M, or vaccines

MARCH 2022

 •  Emergency home treatment for Covid

 • Statins boost Covid’s US kills

 • After a 2-year dress rehersal, it’s “Showtime”, as variants infiltrate the world

 • Crack down on Covid’s camouflage as CDC ignores cheap Covid inhibitors

 • FDA’s corn sugar slashes vitamin D, so you never close your Covid entry gates

 • Games statisticians play with your life

 • Ginger for virus-killing interferon-B

 • Stop knee cartilage deterioration

APRIL 2022

 •  Long haulers must first heal mitochondria and insulin resistance

 • Covid vaccine heart damage in the young and unsuspecting elders

 • Reverse early brain injury caused by insulin resistance or Covid

 • A keto crash course for beginners

 • Zinc, chromium, selenium, keto and more to reverse insulin resistance and Covid breakthrough and vulnerability

 • Lithium Orotate crucial for brain protection from Covid and Alzheimer’s

MAY 2022

• Trojan horses: Variants spread from asymptomatic vaccinated folks

 • Your most dangerous hormone creates all disease

 • Vinegar as another staff of life

 • Nutrients do not interfere with chemotherapy

 • Early preventive Covid routine

 • Miserable failure of CDC “experts”

 • Covid: from vagus to every organ

 • Vaccine is not enough for breakthroughs and long haulers

JUNE 2022

 •   Reverse Covid long haulers’ brain deterioration

 • Diagnosing the most dangerous cancer docs

 • Your two most damaging human hormones

 • The two most important disease- destroying hormones

 • The O.K. Diet heals the vitamin D receptor

 • Make your knee problems ancient history

 • Protect yourself as Covid variants continue to mutate and infiltrate the world

JULY 2022

 •  The road out of Covid is paved with good intestines

 • GSE, your potent gut protector

 • Guard against Covid through your garden

 • Covid in human gut hibernates, incubates, mutates, replicates, then escapes via vagus to destroy organs

 • Covid’s dress rehearsal is right on target, camouflaged for destruction

 • Brain is the ultimate Covid target


 •  Natural immunity is 27X stronger than “store-bought”/vaccine immunity

 • New Rx magnesium source

 • The truth about the tooth/heart/brain/ gut connection

 • Heparin makes the difference between life and death in every disease, from Covid to cardiovascular to cancer

 • O.K. Diet reverses Covid, insulin resistance, mitochondrial electron loss


 •  Begin to build your Covid-canceling Cocktail

 • Fake sugars damage brain’s hippocampal memory center

 • How Covid vaccines, injections and pills can increase deaths 25%

 • Is B1 deficiency an indicator of cancer?

 • More harmful views in the JAMA news

 • Continually detox mitochondria, your energy/electron battery pack

 • Only you decide between mitochondrial biogenesis or early death


 •  Emergency Covid Treatment, for this is the time to prepare

 • Stockpile now: Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide, & Heparin

 • Covid key: mitochondrial biogenesis, to rejuvenate your electron batteries

 • Trojan horses: unsuspecting human gut reservoirs silently spreading and enhancing mutant variants

 • FDA’s role in perpetuating Covid


 •  Covid is causing silent brain shrinking

 • Vitamin D: essential for closing Covid gates, Covid NSP 15’s invisibility, and birth control

 • Keto for cardiology and Covid

 • Newest stealth toxin TiO2 creates disease avalanche

 • How to counteract the kiss of death

 • GSE, the base of your Covid Cocktail


 •  Your Covid Checklist

 • Reverse silent Alzheimer’s

 • Over 23 million US are incubating Long Covid. Make it a Covid blessing

 • MRI shows Covid shrinks brain whether vaccinated or not

 • Anticipation: your Covid game plan

 • Use the gut/brain axis to make new brain

 • Keto to clear insulin resistance

 • Joint and dental implants create arrhythmias and destroy the brain


 •  Covid can produce 10-fold loss of brain tissue, even with vaccine

 • Covid Cocktail to repair Covid’s brain loss 

 • How not to go downhill after your first heart attack

 • Make your vision better in spite of your ophthalmologist

 • The gut uses the vagus nerve to connect the gut to auto-immune         


 • Covid’s cleverest camouflage

 • Is your selenium sufficient for conquering Covid, cancer, diabetes, MCI, 

   COPD, arthritis, or heart disease?

 • TIP: The Macro Advantage


• Covid’s lucky advantage

 • How to avoid a heart attack this year and without prescription blood 


 • Create your Web of Wellness; make electrons, stop matrix clotting

 • Stop brain damage, accelerated aging, and Covid vulnerability

 • Defeat deadly electron lack; NAC, ginger, keto, Covid Cocktail, GSE, CSE, 

   hesperidin, rosemary, etc.

 • Measure your clotting risk, and break down clots with Boluoke

MARCH 2023

• The Covid Cocktail to the rescue

 • Chose diesel death or Detoxamin

 • Make Covid your curse or your gift

 • Brain deterioration from homocysteine level >9

 • Manganese, the forgotten mineral in your web of wellness

 • Vax Facts for the “forever” vaccine

 • Sewage shows Trojan horses silently spread Covid and brain 


APRIL 2023

•  Medicine’s biggest lie “There is no known cause and no known cure”.

 • Restoring health hinges on mitochondrial biogenesis

 • Ivermectin every 2 weeks cuts Covid deaths 68%

 • Implants create brain damage, new symptoms, and stop healing

 • How to save your spouse!

 • How the cancer patient is cheated • Improve vision in old age

MAY 2023

• Overcoming the cancer crapshoot

 • Don’t discount hydroxychloroquine; it’s not just for Covid

 • Hearing loss; is homocysteine the first clue to its correctability?

 • How the cancer patient is continually and dangerously cheated

 • Healing is a package deal

 • HCQ may just be the answer for the latest cardiovascular scam, ATTP-

   CM/Carpal Tunnel/CHF

JUNE 2023

• Parkinson's Disease

• Chronic Infections and Biofilms

• Read between the lines when studies denigrate nutrients

JULY 2023

•  Starving for the right fatty acids and choked with the wrong ones? The Optimized Ketogenic Diet to the rescue, from brain to body diseases

 • From sauces, salads, soups and sides, secured success through sweat and stifling stress and surprises • Macrobiotic diet rescues cancers

 • Statins double diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease risks

 • Avoid diet failure with The O.K. Diet • Beware of dangerous crystal ball tests

• Reverse gut and brain destruction


• Heal the gut and you may just heal the body

 • Drusen, the early yet reversible cause of later blindness

 • Hidden food allergies silently emerge and mimic any disease

 • Avoid failure: never underestimate your total load before detoxing

 • Don’t let calcium be the killer

 • D3 can cure only when your D3 receptor is repaired

 • A potent therapy that costs nothing


•  As medicine dangerously narrows, you must broaden

 • Don’t get caught looking in all the wrong places

 • Your own internal OPEC creates your electricity called “life”

 • Iron mimics “incurable disease”

 • Nutrient that boosts longevity

 • Life hinges on separating your oil facts from fantasies

 • Avoid IVC filters (in leg veins as a clot umbrella)


• Clarifying keto confusion, while EVOO repairs damaged genes

 • Begin to defend against Covid’s future fatal phase with lithium

 • Use your information to make your personal transformation

 • Get crystal ball tests and surreptitiously test your doc

 • Covid hibernating in most intestines reactivates old viruses, shrinks brains, mimics brain rot


• Silent epidemic of fatal fungus destroys brain; you can catch Alzheimer’s

 • Covid Cocktail stops Covid’s brain damage and rejuvenates energy- producing mitochondria

 • The Alzheimer’s answer is only in your control

 • Food packaging and ingredients that silently destroy your gut

 • Electron donors in a cup

 • The answer to cancer? You have it


• Get rid of your "forever" toxins now

• Heal thyself

• The melatonin miracle

• Curcumin