Sweet Ease 500 mg 90 tabs
Sweet Ease 500 mg 90 tabs

Sweet Ease 500 mg 90 tabs Banyan Botanicals SWEE5

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Reduces Kapha & Promotes Healthy Blood Glucose Levels*

• Supports healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range*
• Supports proper function of the pancreas*
• Reduces excess kapha*
• Maintains healthy digestion*

Sweet Ease is a kapha-reducing formula created to support healthy blood sugar levels and the proper function of the pancreas.* Shardunika, a main ingredient, is known as "the destroyer of sweet." Modern studies suggest that it helps the pancreas maintain healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range by supporting the production of insulin.* Along with shardunika, Sweet Ease combines other Ayurvedic herbs like neem and turmeric that have been used together for centuries to support the pancreas and to help the body digest sweet, unctuous, and heavy substances.* This formula also bolsters the immune system while toning the urinary tract and supporting healthy urination.*

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