Support Digestion 90 caps
Support Digestion 90 caps

Support Digestion 90 caps BioMatrix B50301

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Enzymes - Catalysts of Wellness

Enzymes are involved in every life process in the body. Support Digestion is replete with enzymes that assist with thethe healthy breakdown of nutrients. Digestive enzymes are secreted into the digestive tract to break down macronutrients so they can be absorbed across the gut wall. If this enzyme system does not work effectively, optimal health cannot be maintained because of the failure to absorb the needed nutrients.*

Bi-phasic Formula...Better Results

Support Digestion is formulated to help support digestive function. The product is bi-phasic, meaning it addresses digestion both in the stomach (phase I) and in the small intestine (phase II). One of the ingredients that makes Support Digestion unique is Ox bile, a critical component which aids in the emulsification of fats. Support Digestion also contains Pancreatin 10x. This substance contains pancreatic enzymes, chiefly amylase, protease, and lipase, which are necessary for the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.*

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