Happy Bodies Loyalty Rewards, our way to thank you for being a loyal customer

How To Join

When you create an online account at Happy Bodies, you are automatically enrolled in Happy Bodies Rewards.

How It Works

You accrue points every time you place an order while logged in to your online account. Please note that you must be logged in and place your order online to have points credited to your account.

We track your points for you. You can see your points total any time you log in to your account.

How To Redeem Points and Receive Rewards

Log in to your account. Look for your Rewards points balance. Click "redeem". You will see a list of products and the required number of points required to receive that item. If you have sufficient points, you can click the "redeem" button below the item you would like to select.

Complete the checkout process. (No payment will be required when you have sufficient points for your selection.) An email will be sent to you with the gift certificate code (GCxxxxxxx). Or you can find the gift certificate code by clicking on the order details of your redemption order in MY ACCOUNT.) 

If you do not have sufficient amount of points for an item, you can select another item, or you continue to accrue more points through additional purchases. Other adjustments cannot be made in order to "boost" your points to a higher level. Rewards items cannot be "purchased" for any amount that your points balance is short of the required redemption level.

What Can I Earn

Rewards may vary: we may offer gift certificates, Happy Bodies brand merchandise, other manufacturer brand supplements, bonus items, educational materials or personal care products.

Terms and Conditions
  • There is no cost to become a member
  • To accumulate points, you must be logged in to your account and place your orders online
  • Rewards points cannot be awarded for orders prior to enrolling
  • Promotional programs such as autodelivery are not eligible for Rewards points.
  • Happy Bodies will not replace lost or stolen gift certificates purchased with Rewards points
  • Points from multiple accounts may not be combined
  • Happy Bodies Rewards is void where prohibited
  • Resellers and business accounts are not eligible for the Rewards program
  • Happy Bodies reserves the right to change or cancel the Rewards program or any other offer without prior notice. Points not redeemed if program is canceled may become null and void.
  • Points may be adjusted for any reason, including returns, replacements and exchanges
  • Employees of Happy Bodies are not eligible to participate in the Rewards program
Happy Bodies Rewards membership and its benefits are at the sole discretion of Happy Bodies. Participation is subject to the terms and conditions, regulations, policies and program rules that Happy Bodies may adopt from time to time. All are subject to change at any time, without notice, at the sole discretion of Happy Bodies.