Recorded Broadcasts

Dr. Rogers, M.D. and environmental illness expert frequently speaks on the Power Hour radio show.
We present to you some of the archived broadcasts. We know you will enjoy them!

1/29/19Health Tips from Dr. Rogers
11/19/18Dr. Rogers monthly wellness tips
10/15/18Monthly Wellness Tips from Dr. Sherry Rogers
8/29/18Dr. Rogers Wellness Tips
7/11/18Dr. Rogers gives listeners real information 
5/18/18Listen to Dr. Rogers as she joins a frank conversation about health
3/1/18Dr. Rogers is live on this Power Hour recorded broadcast
1/18/18Dr. Rogers uncovers what's in our GMO foods and in our bodies, and talks about disease 
11/11/18Dr. Rogers, live on the Power Hour
Dec 2017Dr. Rogers exposes GMO corn effects on your body (leaky gut, thyroid, autoimmune, new allergies, arthritis, etc).
Hour 2:
Hour 3:

Dr. Rogers - Live Broadcast
Dr. Rogers - Live Broadcast
10/5/17Join the Power Hour and a live interview of Dr. Sherry Rogers
9/7/17Nutrients that negate brain and cognitive function and the toxins that cause it to happen. She address cholesterol plus so much more!
8/3/17Dr. Sherry Rogers speaks live on the Power Hour
7/6/17Chemical sensitivity; Dr. Rogers says running out of electrons is the cause of death; find answers to cancer in Wellness Against All Odds
2/15/17Dr. Rogers gives you valuable information so you can be your own health advocate
1/5/17Dr. Rogers answers live call about your health
10/6/16Dr. Rogers answers your health questions.
9/1/16Dr. Rogers answers a plethora of questions on this recorded, live broadcast.
7/7/16Magnesium Deficiency: exhaustion, cardiac arrest. Other deficiencies and how they affect brain deterioration, depression, and pancreatic diseases. The importance of pH balance.
5/6/16Insights from Dr. Rogers
4/7/16Dr. Rogers speak live so you can be your own health advocate
2/5/16Dr. Sherry Rogers talks live to listeners and callers.
1/7/16Your health tips directly from Dr. Rogers on cancer, toxins, arthritis, food allergies, candida, thyroid, phthalates, endocrine disrupters, diabetes, and more.
12/10/15Dr. Rogers tells how to combat disease and gives tips that will help you be your own health advocate.
8/6/2015Dr. Rogers provides tips and information so you can be your own health advocate
7/2/2015Monthly insights on Vitamin D, minerals, toxins, and disease (including cancer). How phthalates (plasticizers) pollute our environment and our health. The importance of gut health and immunity and detox.
6/3/2015Monthly insights from Dr. Rogers
5/6/015Monthly insights from Dr. Rogers
4/8/2015Dr. Sherry Rogers warns how evidence-based medicine has been corrupted; also how vitamin D & E at the correct dose cure disease that medicine can't; she talks about cholesterol, diabetes, alzheimers, etc and how they create more disease.
3/4/2015Monthly interview with Dr. Rogers
2/4/2015Dr. Sherry Rogers discusses TPH product Vitamin K2 and how it is important for heart health - EMPOWER YOURSELF!!!
10/9/2014Dr. Rogers addresses Ebola, Acute Infections & Vitamin C treatment, the chemistry of nutrients & how it affects diabetes, brain "poison" foods, and more.
8/7/2014Monthly tips from Dr. Rogers
7/3/2014Monthly tips from Dr. Rogers
6/12/114 (hour 2)
Improving Radiation Damage and other tips
5/15/14Dr. Rogers on mycotoxins, also on MERS and more. Caller questions answered.
4/3/14Dr. Rogers on how to be your own health advocate.
Could your illness that won't budge, be a precursor to diabetes? Plus, must-have nutrients for everyone!
02/06/14Dr. Rogers talks about cholesterol, heart health and more.
01/02/14Dr. Rogers spells out which of her books is best for your condition. She also talks about where conventional medicine fails to look when you are suffering from disease or illness. Protecting yourself from CT Scans, heart failure and related. Caller questions answered.
12/19/13Dr. Sherry Rogers: how to cure!
11/7/13Dr. Sherry Rogers shares tips and insights that we all take to heart. Become your own health advocate!
10/13/13 (hour 2)
How to become your own health advocate!
Just how much mercury is in our high fructose corn syrup? Also, easy and essential ways prevent colon cancer, heart attack and diabetes. Brain disease created by prescription drug use?
Dr. Sherry Rogers shares tips and insights that we all take to heart to stay healthy.
Is your doctor the right doctor for you?
What would Dr. Rogers do with a cancer diagnosis? The second hour is an informative session of recorded "live" questions and straight-forward answers.
Dr. Rogers never leaves anyone out. In all of her books, she speaks to all people and all disease.
3/7/13Focus on diabetes. Dr. Rogers never leaves anyone out. In all of her books, she speaks to all people and all disease.
Dr. Rogers never leaves anyone out. In all of her book and when speaking, she speaks to all people and all disease.

Breast cancer and your treatment decisions,caller questions: heart rescue, candida, asthma, and more. Detox Cocktail.
8/2/12Where to Start

Dr. Rogers lists some of items that are so important to our health, including, nutrients for repairing and making new brain cells, healing the heart and more.

5/3/12Detox and weight loss. Nutrient deficiency from toxicity and heavy metals: links to cancer, osteoporosis, depression and countless other diseases.

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