Primal Earth Probiotic 30 caps
Primal Earth Probiotic 30 caps

Primal Earth Probiotic 30 caps Amy Myers MD A90451

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Primal Earth Probiotic:

Promotes a normal bowel pattern
Replenishes healthy GI microflora
Helps alleviate occasional indigestion and nausea
Assists in relieving occasional abdominal discomfort and bloating
Survives stomach acid and the digestive process
No need for refrigeration

A synergistic probiotic blend of three soil-based, spore-form, non-lactic-acid based Bacillus probiotic bacterium strains, specifically chosen to mimic the most important natural flora found in traditional and paleolithic diets.

Primal Earth Probiotic is an excellent choice for those who:

Are not experiencing success with traditional lactic acid based probiotics
Have taken a course of antibiotics
Are looking to tackle tough digestive issues
Travel frequently and want to take their probiotics with them
Have a history of high stomach acid
Do not want to keep their probiotics in the refrigerator

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