Pippali powder .5 lb Banyan Botanicals B69422
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Pippali powder .5 lb Banyan Botanicals B69422

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Nourishes the blood, nerves, and reproductive tissues*

ƒ?› Supports digestion and healthy metabolism*
ƒ?› Promotes a healthy liver and lungs*
ƒ?› Supports clear, comfortable breathing*

Pippali (Piper longum) is a powerful rejuvenating herb that strengthens and nourishes the body. It is a close relative of the common table spice black pepper and is similarly pungent and heating. Pippali stimulates metabolism, burns natural toxins, and helps maintain a healthy digestive environment.

It is an excellent tonic for the lungs, supporting clear and comfortable breathing. Pippali nourishes the blood, promotes healthy circulation, and supports a healthy liver. It is also used in many Ayurvedic formulations in small amounts to encourage proper assimilation of the herbs.*

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