Novequin PET 90 gms Arthur Andrew Medical Inc. A01303
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Novequin PET 90 gms Arthur Andrew Medical Inc. A01303

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Pet Dietary Supplement

Digestive Probiotic Formula

Novequin DPF supports:
Normal Digestion and Elimination*
Optimal Nutriend Absorption*
Healthy Fungal Levels*
Reduced Ocassional Gas/Bloating*
Health Immune Function*

NOVEQUIN DPF is a pharmaceutical grade synbiotic with digestive enzyme support. Synbiotics are
a mixture of PRO and PRE biotics that facilitate healthy intestinal balance.* When enzyme levels
are low, feed can remain undigested in the intestine, causing temporary gas and discomfort.*
NOVEQUIN contains enzymes specially developed to digest every component contained in an
animals food.* NOVEQUIN may also facilitate the digestion of larger meals, so that the digestive
system does not become over-stressed.* This formula also contains naturally occurring intestinal
Probiotics to support immune health and to recolonize natural digestive balance after the use
of antibiotics.* Optimal digestion can improve lean body mass, subdue occasional discomfort,
reduce shedding and promote a sleek, glowing coat.

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