Nausea 100 tabs
Nausea 100 tabs

Nausea 100 tabs BHI NAUS2

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Homeopathic. Fast nausea relief '“ BHI Nausea tablets relieve nausea, vomiting and indigestion.' 

Gentle relief '“ 7 active ingredients including homeopathic Ipecacuanha, widely used for nausea and vomiting.' 
Homeopathic approach '“ Homeopathy treats symptoms with a micro-dose of an active ingredient to stimulate the body'™s own defenses. MediNatura's approach combines multiple potent actives, in multiple concentrations for greater relief of more symptoms.
Safe, effective relief '“ All BHI tablets have no known interactions with other medicines or supplements and are non-addictive.
Quick dissolve tablets '“ Easy to use, dissolvable tablets for fast, convenient relief whenever symptoms start. This safe formula can be taken daily, or as needed during symptom flare ups.
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