May Chang Essential Oil .5 fl oz
May Chang Essential Oil .5 fl oz

May Chang Essential Oil .5 fl oz Aura Cacia AU9125

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Use for: Refreshing and uplifting moods and spaces.

Citrus oils are some of the most popular essential oils for every day essential usage. With their bright and cheery aromas, they are often used to uplift and to clean. May chang (Litsea cubeba) is more commonly known in China, where it grows naturally. However, it'™s a wonderful addition to the collection of any citrus essential oil user. Its lemony aroma offers a refreshing option for a citrus oil, while also stimulating and uplifting the mind.

May chang (Litsea cubeba) is native to China, where Aura Cacia May Chang is sourced from, and also areas of Southeast Asia. The vast majority of may chang essential oil is derived from China.

May chang essential oil is distilled from small fruits, similar in shape to peppers, that are grown on trees featuring white or pale yellow flowers. The flowers have a lemon aroma, similar to the essential oil. As the fruit ripens it darkens in color, looking even more like a pepper. Due to the similarity of the fruit to peppers, may chang has been referred to as Mountain Pepper.

Product Features:

The aroma of may chang is grassy and lemony. It'™s pale yellow in color.
May chang blends well with florals and citrus oils: bergamot, geranium, jasmine, lavender, lemon, rose, sweet orange.

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