Lung Formula 500 mg 90 tabs
Lung Formula 500 mg 90 tabs

Lung Formula 500 mg 90 tabs Banyan Botanicals LUNG4

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Supports Proper Function of the Lungs*

Strengthens and rejuvenates the respiratory system*
Supports proper function of the immune system*
Promotes healthy respiration*
Reduces excess kapha in the lungs*

Lung Formula is a rejuvenating tonic designed to strengthen and support the respiratory system.* This synergistic blend of herbs for lungs nourishes the lung tissue and bolsters the body's natural defenses.* It is very useful for removing excess kapha from the lungs and sinuses.* Containing bitter and pungent herbs with a specific affinity for the lungs, Lung Formula cleanses the respiratory tract and supports clear and comfortable breathing.* The ingredient pippali supports the body's natural production of hemoglobin, and thus a rich supply of oxygen to the body.* Lung Formula supports the proper dilation of the bronchial tubes, and soothes and relaxes the muscles and tissues in the chest region.*

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