Liver Support Livit 2 Vet 90 tabs
Liver Support Livit 2 Vet 90 tabs

Liver Support Livit 2 Vet 90 tabs Ayush Herbs AYV6

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Pet Livit-2is an ancient formula combining eighteen herbs. The synergistic effects of the ingredients give it unique liver-protecting and detoxifying properties. Andrographis paniculata has traditionally been used as a tonic for liver and heart health. Berberis aristata is a bitter tonic to support liver and gastrointestinal function. Eclipta alba is known for its hepato-protective, hair growth, and healthy melatonin production properties. Picrorhiza kurroa is known for its cholagogic properties, and Tinospora cordifolia is noted for its support of healthy inflammatory responses and its immune-supportive properties.

Supports and nutures the liver by protecting and detoxifying
Supports liver and gastrointestinal functions
Promotes hair growth and healthy melatonin production

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