Latero Flora 60 caps
Latero Flora 60 caps

Latero Flora 60 caps Bio-Nutritional Formulas LATEC

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Supports the flora in the human digestive tract, aiding in digestion, toxin elimination, and discourages the growth of less desireable microorganisms.*

Latero Flora is a new organic food substance containing Bacillus Laterosporus (BOD strain), a viable non-lactic producing microorganism combined with trace amounts of protein, minerals, and amino acids derived from the culturing medium (tryptic soy broth). Bacillus Laterosporus is a microorganism that is an aerobic, spore forming bacteria common to soil and plant life; generally found in the human intestinal tract in small numbers; a transient bacteria which lives in the human body as long as it has an ample supply of nutrients and oxygen or until it is passed thru the rectum; resistant to stomach acids.

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