Immune Strong liquid extract 1 fl oz
Immune Strong liquid extract 1 fl oz

Immune Strong liquid extract 1 fl oz Banyan Botanicals B26911

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Supports a Healthy Immune System*

Supports the immune system and supports the body's natural defenses*
Promotes health and well-being*

A strong and robust immune system is the key to getting through all of life'™s seasons, and a well-rounded herbal formula can be the perfect addition to your seasonal wellness plan. Immune Strong liquid extract is a dynamic herbal blend designed to boost immune system response and strength.* Featuring Ayurvedic powerhouse herbs traditionally used to support the immune system, Immune Strong liquid extract aids in fast-acting support when you need it most.*

Turmeric is well known for its purifying effects, while licorice, tulsi, and kalmegh (andrographis) all share an affinity for the respiratory system and mucous membranes.* Echinacea further enhances this immune blend with its detoxifying and cleansing nature.* The synthesis of sweet and bitter herbs, with the adaptogenic qualities of tulsi and ashwaganda, make this formula balancing for all doshas and throughout every season. Together these herbs create an immune system supplement that truly helps to improve immune system function and assists the body'™s natural tendency toward health and well-being.*

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