HerbaLozenge Zumka 15 loz Zand Herbal Z69869
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HerbaLozenge Zumka 15 loz Zand Herbal Z69869

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Homeopathic Lozenges

ZAND Zumbka Herbalozenge cough drops contain a homeopathically prepared tincture of Pelargonium sidoides, also known as Umckaloabo. Traditionally used by the Zulu and other South Africa tribe to soothe the throat. This unique herbal tincture is accompanied by menthol, Vitamin C and Zand's traditional blend of soothing herbal extracts for cough and sore throat relief.

ZAND Herbalozenge cough drops have been specially sweetened with natural brown rice syrup, making these lozenges free from corn syrup or can sugar. You can enjoy the natural benefits of ZAND herbal lozenges without concern over artificial sweeteners. ZAND guarantees that no ingredients other than those listed on this label have been added to this product.

Uses: relieves common cold symptoms, congestion, cough, and sore throat.

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