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Dr. Rogers is a renowned author, M.D. and board certified by the American Board of Environmental Medicine, the American Board of Family Practice, a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.  She is a pioneer in private practice in environmental medicine.  We are happy to present a large body of her comments and complete articles to you.

From Dr. Rogers' book, Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?

"Happy Bodies PC Powder is crucial as the wheelbarrow that carries cholesterol off the coronary arteries."

 Dr. Rogers’ Total Wellness newsletter is filled with informative tips and summary information on disease prevention, nutritional awareness and what you may not be able to learn elsewhere.  She’s frank and straight-forward in her approach.  The following are excerpts from articles she published.

 Dec 2009


...I was tickled to find a non-GMO source of phosphatidyl choline [Happy Bodies HBPC] that is also in a powder form so you can avoid another capsule.

Apr 2010


...you can lower your reliance on the drugs.? April 2010  [Dr. Rogers recommends a heaping teaspoonful of HB-PC twice daily.]

May 2011


So you have had a heart attack. You have been "saved" and dis­charged from the hospital. First, recall that less than 11% of car­diologist's recommendations are based on science. The rest are based on pharmaceutical financial influence. Next recall for folks I have consulted on who were brought back from the dead with an injection of magnesium in the emergency room, no­where in their discharge medications was there a recommenda­tion to continue mag or even a blood test for it. Clearly the "medical experts" appear ignorant about healing via nutri­ents. They don't even mention such important things as magne­sium in the guidelines for physicians, but push drugs as though they were the only option. This is in spite of thousands of papers showing that drugs are not the answer, but nutrients are.

For starters, calcium channel blockers (like Norvasc, see for other brand names of these that rot the brain in TW2Q\0) are usually prescribed even though calcium channel blockers had no effect on total mortality (Multi-Center Diltiazem Post Infarc­tion Trial Research Group). Yes this class of drugs and others are still recommended and prescribed even though they actually increase the rate of heart attack (Hine, Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial). And only you know why they make folks worse. They fail to repair the calcium channels and other ar­rhythmia-causing deficiencies. They merely further poison the chemistry to temporarily attenuate symptoms.

Calcium channel blockers accelerate death. After all, if you need a drug to block calcium, then hadn't you better find out why calcium is building up too fast inside heart cells and killing them? Sometimes the fix is as simple as the oil change in De­toxify Or Diebut you have to find a doctor who can read. At least start with the best form of phosphatidyl choline and cod liver oil while you review the details. Use a heaping tablespoon-ful of both Carlson Lemon-flavored Cod Liver Oil and Happy Bodies' Phosphatidyl Choline Powder (also called PC Powder). Am I picky about brands? You bet. When we are healing some­thing as serious as the fundamental chemistry of each heart cell, we can't afford to use inferior prod­ucts. I'm not connected with any of these compa­nies, but I want to keep my 2 hours a day tennis game on track at 68!

I know the cluelessness of medicine is sometimes hard to believe, so I'll quote to you from the Ameri­can College of Cardiology/American Heart Associa­tions recent practice guidelines written for physi­cians. I have to quote because you won't be able to believe it otherwise. "Allocation to metaprolol pro­duced an average relative increase in cardiogenic shock of 30%" (page 301). "Metaprolol allocation was associated with significantly more persistent hypotension and more cases of bradycardia.".

What are they saying? That folks who were pre­scribed a beta blocker, like metaprolol (atenolol,

etc. other names in The High Blood Pressure Hoaxhave a 30% higher chance of heart death. Yet the guideline recommendations are that "Oral beta blocker therapy should be administered promptly to those patients without contraindications". So even though they realize folks die sooner who have the drugs, they recommend them. Why? Because they are clueless about finding the cause and cure of heart disease, and too lazy to learn, even though the solutions and scientific back-up are available.

I have yet to meet one cardiologist who has slugged his way through these ridiculous guidelines and I can't blame them. But how much easier and more productive it would be and how many millions of lives could be saved if they would only read about the cause and cure of heart disease, starting with Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?


May 2010


Remember the health of your mitochondria as well as your genes greatly determines your aging rate. In the Timely Tips box this month we talk about how cod liver oil is crucial for control of over 1000 genes as well as for repair of the mitochondria. The drug manufacturers would love to have a drug that even repairs a single gene, much less the mitochondria. For remember mitochondria are the little organelles inside of our cells where God's miracle creates energy, the thing we call life. A major sign of mitochondrial impairment can merely be having any chronic disease or just chronic fatigue or loss of memory, that are usually all blamed on aging. But researchers have consistently shown that just the addition of R-lipoic Acid and ALC are often all that is needed to restore mitochondrial function to the brains of old rats, reverting their brain chemistry to levels of young rats.

You can accomplish this by merely making sure your detox cocktail contains 3 R-lipoic Acid and 500-1000 mg of Acetyl-l-Carnitine Powder. Or just add two R-Lipoic Acid and ALC Powder to your ready-made handy Happy Bodies Detox Cocktail. And don't forget that the majority of researchers finding these wonderful facts are usually focused on only one or two nutrients and not the total package. Whenever membranes are damaged, there's a lot more missing than we can measure. Fortunately, we know what many of these elusive items are. When repairing the cell or mitochondrial membranes not only do you have to repair the "bread" of the membrane sandwich (which is cod liver oil usually), but it's imperative to repair the "meat" of the membrane sandwich which is phosphatidyl choline. That's why a big scoop of HB-PC (Phosphatidyl Choline) that is non-GMO, not loaded with laboratory reagent contaminants, in an easy powder form and less expensive than our former recommendations) is so crucial, at least a couple times a week. Just because all around you are aging rapidly, does not mean you have to join their ranks.


Apr 2010


Clearly any physician prescribing these dangerous drugs without first checking even your levels of RBC magnesium or the fatty acids is not doing his job. For example, magnesium deficiency alone can make people ache and hurt. Yet the average person gets far less than half of what he needs in a day. Furthermore, oftentimes when you even do a simple correction of the fatty acid deficiencies, the condition clears up. In a recent study in the journal Rheumatology, they showed that 40% of 97 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who were given cod liver oil were able to drop their NSAIDs by over 30% (versus 10% for those not on cod liver oil).

And these researchers were not even knowledgeable enough to actually measure the levels of fatty acids to determine each individual's requirements. Nor were they knowledgeable enough to measure the many other nutrients, or correct dysbiosis, etc., that are all needed to heal. So of course, they knew nothing of the fact that when you correct the fatty acids, you also must correct other related nutrients that are not yet measured like phosphatidyl choline, nor did they measure zinc to make PC work (yes, even if the level of zinc is "normal" because there are many other indi­cators hidden in the test to show that you may require more zinc than the "average" person). Clearly, if they didn't do that, they didn't measure the many other pa­rameters that also need correction in order to get rid of this serious disease and prevent the increased cardiac death rate associated with using NSAIDs. Don't forget the popular pain pill Vioxx quadrupled the heart attack rate for years before it was finally re­moved from the market. And I warned you of its dangers here years before the news hit the media. How may lives could have been saved?

If you're using a lot of NSAIDs, at least start a tea-spoonful of Super D Omega-3, 2 PS-100, and a heap­ing teaspoonful of HB-PC (Phosphatidyl Choline Powder) plus Nutra Support Joint (2 twice a day), all daily so you can lower your reliance on the drugs. And get the Lumen for rejuvination and pain control (7TF2005-2009). Do this while you get cracking to find the cause and cure so that you don't need drugs ever again. Start with Pain Free In 6 Weekswhere you will begin to learn about the many curable causes for arthritis (and for colitis, see No More Heartburn). Often it can be as simple as stopping the hidden nightshades. If not cured, then proceed to the detoxifications in Detoxify Or Dieand TW, followed by the recommendations below.

I wish I could show you an electron microscope video of God's miraculous biochemistry of the body in action. I know sometimes learning about fatty ac­ids and membranes might be beyond what a lot of you ever thought you would be reading. But these molecules in the body are not static. They are not sitting boringly still. They are vibrating at thou­sands of times per second and are continually dancing at a very high rate of speed (some molecu­lar biochemists call it gyrating, flip-flopping, oscil­lating, etc.). That's one of the reasons why I'm so picky about the quality of your nutrients. They also "dance", but many synthetic supplements have dead vibrational energy and don't resonate in tune with . your chemistry. Molecular flexibility (or lack of) very strongly determines your disease and aging rates. Nutrient quality is critical for health.

What else is crucial for curing arthritis besides the frequency of harmonizing nutrients? Arthritis of all sorts as well as solo painful joints like shoulders, hips and knees has accumulations of heavy met­als. The High Blood Pressure Hoax will guide you in getting rid of those heavy metals. It's not quick, and in fact it may take a couple of years for many folks to get these out, as it did for me to totally cure my arthritis of both hips and knees (TW'2009). But it sure beats having a joint replacement or lifelong dis­ability and having to give up sports.

Furthermore, a joint replacement, like a knee, puts a huge hunk of metal and phthalate (acrylic) glues smack dab in the middle of many acupuncture meridians. In essence, it stops the chi or Qi or en­ergy flow and leads to premature degeneration of organs connected to it that seem unrelated. It could be sudden disabling pain in an elbow or plan­tar fasciitis or a bad tooth that is in that pathway. Plus the new joints never seem to have 100% of the ability of the real ones, leaving folks having to forgo the sports and other activities they once enjoyed. Just because your joint specialist doesn't even read his own journals and has inferior healing knowledge, doesn't mean you have to. Get busy and get smart enough to get rid of your joint pain.

Apr 2011


Q. My husband was just prescribed Norvasc for his blood pressure. Any problem?

A. That's one of many medications in a most com­monly prescribed classification of cardiology drugs called calcium channel blockers. You'll find other brand names and proof in the book, The High Blood Pressure HoaxAmong the many bad things that cal­cium channel blockers do is shrink the brain away from the skull, as proven by MRI. As well, testing of the person shows that their mental capabilities and IQ have dropped. In other words, folks get dumber on the drug, and the brain damage esca­lates the longer they take it. The measurable loss happens within about five years of use, yet of course it is prescribed for a lifetime, usually without ever checking the brain for loss of function or shrinkage. If that were not bad enough, other categories of common drugs, like the cholesterol-fighters (statins) also dam­age the brain.

But ask yourself: why did he need a drug to poison his calcium pores in the heart muscle lining? The cal­cium channels and nutrients can be repaired by fix­ing the cell membranes where they reside. Sometimes it is as easy as doing the oil change. If you are new to this idea of actually curing rather than drugging, I would first read Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? Then go to Detoxify Or Die to get the many chemicals out of the membranes that have accumulated over his lifetime. Plasticizers, pesticides, auto exhaust fumes, etc. all damage the channels. Then read the blood pressure book, The High Blood Pressure Hoaxto get the heavy metals out. Your goal is to cure his high blood pressure without drugs. With such a solid education don't be surprised if lots of other conditions clear up as you heal your husband, once and for all.

Having said all that and never having examined your husband, you may be among the lucky ones who have cured their blood pressure problems with just the fol­lowing once a day: 1 tsp of Super D Omega-3,1 tsp of HB-PC (Phosphatidyl Choline Powder), 2 E Gems Elite, and Vi tsp Arginine Powder. Also in­clude 3 Magnesium Chloride 200mg and 1 Super 2 Daily, each twice a day. If poisoning his calcium channels with a drug that blocks the channels low­ers his pressure, then you can be sure his channels have become damaged and are deficient. They are screaming to be repaired. This formula has cured a lot of hypertension by restoring nutrients and function to the membranes' calcium channels. And the beauty of it is that by fixing the membranes in his blood ves­sel lining, you have also repaired them elsewhere .. .in the brain, heart, etc. Nutrient repair is always a win-win situation.


Dec 2009


Can leading "authorities" be wrong? Sometimes the lies we have been fed are so ingrained in us that I actually have to quote directly from the papers for you to believe the facts. For example, "epidemiological, animal and human studies have failed to establish a definitive relationship be tween cholesterol consumption and CHD (coronary heart disease) development".

"Nonetheless, the message to avoid high-cholesterol eggs has been ubiquitously recommended   by govern­ment agencies and health professionals for many years." Sadly, these agencies that have authorita­tively told us to avoid eggs and those that insist that high cholesterol is public enemy number one include none other than the American Heart Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. De­partment of Health and Human Services.

One study involved over 117,000 nurses and health professionals for over 14 years and found no prob­lem with having daily eggs, nor did a study that looked at folks having three eggs a day. The rea­sons are many. First of all eggs are a great source of phosphatidylcholine which is the "innards" of your membrane sandwich that you learned about in Detox­ify Or Die. Clearly if you have any fatty acid defi­ciencies like EPA, DHA, DGLA, be sure that you also add phosphatidyl choline. The reason? If the "bread" of the membrane sandwich is deficient, for sure the "meat" (phosphatidyl choline) is missing.

But more importantly, as you learned in The Choles­terol HoaxPC is crucial as the wheelbarrow that carries cholesterol off the coronary arteries. Un­fortunately like many nutrients this one is also wasted in the work of detoxifying our world. If you're not eating a couple of eggs a day, at least take phosphatidylcholine. Most phosphatidylcholine how­ever is from soybean that is genetically engineered by Monsanto. They have changed the genetics so that the soybean is resistant to their toxic herbicide Roundup. Therefore the bean plants can be heavily pesticided and kill only the weeds. That's why I was tickled to find a non-GMO source of phosphatidyl choline that is also in a powder form so you can avoid another capsule. Use one heaping teaspoon of HB-PC (Phosphatidyl Choline Powder) daily.


July 2010


This month I want to be sure that you are including another crucial anti-aging supplement in your detox cocktail. I know at times it seems overwhelming that there is so much we should be taking. Clearly, we couldn't possibly take it all in one day. You're ab­solutely right. That's why we each periodically need to evaluate the importance of a specific nu­trient for our daily functioning as individuals, as our biochemical needs continually change.  

Because medicine is impacted by the pharmaceutical industry, leaving every disease the deficiency of the latest drug, I've taken on the task of trying to teach physicians as well as laypeople. Fortunately I have the help of hundreds of thousands of researchers who have dedicated their lives to their specific areas of health. Each reveals to us the beauty of the min­ute part that they have devoted their research to, helping to reveal yet another aspect of God's over­whelming orchestration for healing the human body, against all odds. I know sometimes this molecular biochemistry can bog you down, so I'll try to keep it as simple as I can.  

ALC (Acetyl-l-Carnitine) has been in previous arti­cles and in several sections of the books. This chemical that we make in our bodies has a multitude of functions. For example, it is essential for produc­ing HDL, the wheelbarrow that carries the bad cholesterol away from the vessel wall and dumps it into bile. Bile in turn promotes absorption of our fat-soluble vitamins. Also, ALC is critical for dia­betics (January 2010 TW) and protects cancer che­motherapy drugs from killing your heart. It also rescues folks from the painful neuropathies as well as Alzheimer's and numbness, tingling and even paralysis caused by chemotherapy drugs.  

ALC works inside those little powerhouses inside of our cells, the mitochondria, where you recall God's miracle of changing one molecule of food into a molecule of energy (that we call "life") occurs. ALC is the train that carries the fatty acids (food mole­cules) into the mitochondria so that they can be changed into energy. The sad thing is that as we age, the mitochondria deteriorate and the levels of ALC drop off dramatically. What happens as ALC manufacture drops off? You can just become more tired, dull, and blame it on aging. Then as your energy supply continues to dwindle, you slide into a myriad of disease labels as symptoms pile on.  

Unfortunately, many environmental toxins damage ALC production. And you guessed it. The phtha-lates or plasticizers, the number one pollutant in the human body, are a major destroyer of ALC as well as many other parts of the mitochondria. That's how they contribute to every disease includ­ing cancer and premature aging. In Detoxify Or Die I showed you how essential the daily detox cocktail is for retarding the onset of dis­ease as well as aging. But I'm firmly convinced now that we must add 500-1500 mg of Acetyl 1-Carnitine Powder (ALC) to the detox cocktail. You can add it to your Happy Bodies Detox Cocktail along with one or two extra R-Lipoic Acid (100 mg). Or if you make your own detox cocktail, using 400-800 mg Recan-costat, 300-600 mg R-Lipoic Acid and a heaping tea­spoon of Ultrafine Vitamin C Powder, add the Ace-tyl-l-Carnitine Powder (ALC) to this. I can't see how it could harm anyone and the evidence is clear that we all need it, since even the animals in the wild and new­born babies have elevated levels of toxic phthalates.  

If you have a serious exhaustion or other medical problem and the addition of ALC makes no differ­ence, remember that most likely you need to repair other parts of the mitochondria. A microscopic pic­ture of the mitochondria's guts reveal it is a mass of membranes folded back and forth on themselves, look­ing much like ribbon candy. That is why the "oil change" that I've shown in many books and newslet­ters is so crucial. Often it can be as simple as a tea­spoon of Cod Liver Oil, a heaping teaspoon of HB-PC Powder (Happy Bodies Phosphatidyl Choline Powder), 1-2 E-Gems Elite and 2000-4000 mg of So­lar D Gems. This is a great start for repairing your mitochondrial membranes.  

Remember death begins in the mitochondria. This little kidney bean-shaped organelle inside of our cells is where all energy is made. Although it starts deterio­rating after age 40, environmental toxins (especially heavy metals) as well as our nutrient deficiencies that sneak up on all of us enormously speed up its deterio­ration. When mitochondria are damaged it starts any and every disease. Furthermore, diseases cannot be reversed until this chemistry has been repaired. Obviously if you have more serious problems, you'll want to look at the scores of clues for what else is missing in your mitochondria. It is all woven into the 12-page Cardio/ION Panel. In previous issues I showed you how to get the test without your local phy­sician (if he is unwilling to be a part of 21st-century medicine), and I can interpret it with you on the phone. Meanwhile, for the resurrection of your mitochon­dria, consider adding ALC Powder (500-1000 mg) to your daily detox cocktail. Its absence could even be the reason why thyroid replacement doesn't do the trick for many. Are we not lucky to possess these facts that the majority of medical professionals don't even know? Mega-gratitude to the world's researchers.


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