Energy Tea  24 pkts Ayush Herbs AY444
Energy Tea 24 pkts Ayush Herbs AY444

Energy Tea 24 pkts Ayush Herbs AY444

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For over twenty years, Ayush Herbs® Inc., parent company to RUVED®, has offered the highest quality Auyrvedic herbal products, supplements available. Ownded and operated by Auyrvedic and Naturopathic physician,s RUVED® herbs are grown and harvested at our ISO & GMP certified facility in Minachal Pradesh, India. RUVED® is dedicated to making the world a better place. Whether it is through the care given to the growing of our herbs, the treatment of the people working for us in our fields and factories or by supporting the communitites surrounding our growing efforts in India and across the globe. A special blend of green tea and traditional Auyrvedic herbs are combined to form this energizing beverage that promotes vigor and balanced energy. Ashwagandha is a nourishing, rejuvenative herb that naturally promotes vitality. Ashwagandha helps the body sustain vitality throughout the day while promoting restful sleep at night. Bacopa monnieri and Centella asiatica are two herbs revered in Auyrveda for cognitive support and improving mental clarity. Bacopa calms the mind while Centella supports memory. Cinnamon and ginger are flavorful, warming spices used to improve digestion. The green tea leaves are specially sourced from the Himalayas in India. Green tea leaves contain theanine, known to improve cognition and reduce stress. Naturally occurring caffeine in green tea leaves works synergistally with tehanine to provide energy support. Preparation: 1. Freshly boil water. 2. Infuse sachet 3-5 minuts, according to your strength preference. 3. Add honey for sweetener, if desired. Ayurvedic herbs & spices - Ashwagandha for adrenal support. - Bacopa monnieri for brain support. - Cardamom for digestion support. - Centella asiatica for memory retention. - Cinnamon for blood sugar regulation - Ginger for digestion support. - Green Tea for energy.

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