Devigest ADS 90 caps
Devigest ADS 90 caps

Devigest ADS 90 caps Arthur Andrew Medical Inc. DEV090

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Helps ease digestive complaints from many hard to digest foods such as gluten, casein, and lactose.*

Devigest is a 100 percent complete digestive enzyme blend that helps restore the body'™s digestive enzymes, supporting balanced digestion and complete food assimilation. This supplement contains an extremely potent blend of enzymes for breaking down digestive irritants, such as gluten and dairy products.*

Devigest is a robust blend of digestive enzymes capable of breaking down protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fat, fiber, and even artificial ingredients, every component of the foods we eat. It'™s a powerful, concentrated enzyme blend. One capsule with meals can help ease the digestion of even the most problematic foods.*

Devigest contains a highly potent enzyme called peptidase. Peptidase is responsible for breaking down gluten and casein.

In addition to a number of beneficial enzymes, Devigest also contains Alpha Galactosidase. Alpha Galactosidase can help prevent gas before it starts by breaking down the complex carbohydrates found in gassy foods into simpler, more easily digestible sugars.*

Devigest contains a powerful lactase, the enzyme needed to break down lactose.

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