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Dr. Rogers is a renowned author, M.D. and board certified by the American Board of Environmental Medicine, the American Board of Family Practice, a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.  She is a pioneer in private practice in environmental medicine.  We are happy to present a large body of her comments and complete articles to you.

From Dr. Rogers' book, Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?

We should all do the Detox Cocktail every day forever.”

“The Daily Detox Drink ( comes in easy travel packets or as a powder to     mix any time with purified water. It is incredibly easy and great for beginners. And you need it whether you are healthy or have the worst heart fact any disease... And as the references show, its ingredients even reverse brain aging...”

“The best news is when you heal one organ you often heal another.

Dr. Rogers’ Total Wellness newsletter is filled with informative tips and summary information on disease prevention, nutritional awareness and what you may not be able to learn elsewhere.  She’s frank and straight-forward in her approach.  The following are excerpts from articles she published.

Apr 2009


Q. I agree with you that we should not rely on drugs, but there comes a time when we all need them for emergencies and/or for times to tide us over until we catch up on reading to find the cause and cure of our symptoms. Since drugs are all so loaded with side effects, what do I do to protect myself while I am on a drug?

A. Great question. For starters I would be sure you take extra folic acid. One Folixor 5 mg under the tongue daily should do the trick. Sadly it has been known for over 30 years that folic acid is easily de­pleted by most medications. Later research shows that all drugs suck nutrients out of the body, thereby guaranteeing that the person will eventually de­velop side effects from the drug as well as new dis­eases. I say sad, because in spite of hundreds of books and papers, it is ignored, even though studies show that the most folate-depleted folks are often those who are in the hospital hooked up to iVs that are delivering numerous drugs. Not only do most drugs deplete folate, but also sugar IV solutions flush it out, and hos­pital cooking, air fresheners, plastics, toxic hospital air, and more destroy any remaining folate.

As an example, look at how a popular diabetes medi­cine has been known for over 30 years to deplete not only folate but B12. And metformin raises homocys­teine, leading to Alzheimer's, undiagnosable nerve diseases, and cancers, all three of which diabetics are more at risk for. And in spite of decades of warnings, I would still like to see even one diabetologist who routinely checks folate and B12 organic acids.

No wonder diabetes drugs do not have a great track record for extending longevity. They merely   make the sugar levels look better on blood tests. In the mean­time, they accelerate developing new illnesses, an established complication of modern drug treatment. Meanwhile, diabetes docs don't even look at the cor­rectable minerals that run the pancreas that you have learned about in 7Wlike zinc, vanadium, chromium, or vitamin D (that is proven to be epidemically defi­cient and works better than the metformin diabetes drug), or even check for indican (from gut bugs that can destroy the pancreas) that you learned about. We are in a truly sickening level of "medical expertise".

In terms of other nutrients, at least do a simple broad-based temporary coverage, like two Super 2 Daily. Remember the Super Milk Thistle X is also a potent liver protectant, even able to rescue folks who have mistakenly ingested poison mushrooms (see March 2009). The longer the period on drugs or the sicker the person is, the more I would take additional supple­ments, especially the detox cocktail. Or if you are new to this and need an easier take, use the Daily Detox Drink. The nutrients in The Cholesterol Hoax offer great protection. And of course, testing levels would show why the drug was "needed" in the first place.

Apr 2008


"...for travel use there is the ready-made cocktail…Daily Detox Drink...prepackaged in handy individual doses, both with natural lemon flavor and stevia."

May 2010


Remember the health of your mitochondria as well as your genes greatly determines your aging rate. In the Timely Tips box this month we talk about how cod liver oil is crucial for control of over 1000 genes as well as for repair of the mitochondria. The drug manufacturers would love to have a drug that even repairs a single gene, much less the mitochondria. For remember mitochondria are the little organelles inside of our cells where God's miracle creates energy, the thing we call life. A major sign of mitochondrial impairment can merely be having any chronic disease or just chronic fatigue or loss of memory, that are usually all blamed on aging. But researchers have consistently shown that just the addition of R-lipoic Acid and ALC are often all that is needed to restore mitochondrial function to the brains of old rats, reverting their brain chemistry to levels of young rats.

You can accomplish this by merely making sure your detox cocktail contains 3 R-lipoic Acid and 500-1000 mg of Acetyl-l-Carnitine Powder. Or just add two R-Lipoic Acid and ALC Powder to your ready-made handy Happy Bodies Detox Cocktail. And don't forget that the majority of researchers finding these wonderful facts are usually focused on only one or two nutrients and not the total package. Whenever membranes are damaged, there's a lot more missing than we can measure. Fortunately, we know what many of these elusive items are. When repairing the cell or mitochondrial membranes not only do you have to repair the "bread" of the membrane sandwich (which is cod liver oil usually), but it's imperative to repair the "meat" of the membrane sandwich which is phosphatidylcholine. That's why a big scoop of HB-PC (Phosphatidyl Choline) that is non-GMO, not loaded with laboratory reagent contaminants, in an easy powder form and less expensive than our former recommendations) is so crucial, at least a couple times a week. Just because all around you are aging rapidly, does not mean you have to join their ranks.

Oct 2009


Q. Is the detox cocktail only for cancer patients?

A. Gosh no. It should be done by all of us every night. Actually you can do it whenever you want, but since night is the time of rest, rejuvination and healing for the body, it makes sense to do it then. And yes, there is a wealth of data showing folks with cancers do much better who have higher levels of glutathione, vitamin C, and R-lipoic acid, all of which are in the detox cocktail. Actually there are whole books showing just about every disease bene­fits from revving up detoxification, thereby leaving more daytime antioxidant power to retard aging and for fighting off the damage from our invisible daily-chemical onslaught that triggers disease.

There is no disease that doesn't benefit from im­proved detoxification, even healthy competitive ath­letes! You can look at any condition. As an exam­ple, the "bad" cholesterol, LDL, is only bad when it becomes oxidized. Only then is it able to glue itself to arterial walls to make plaque. But glu­tathione inhibits this. If you are traveling and can't take it with you, remember the Daily Detox Drink packets (R-lipoic is at a lower dose, but very conven­ient and better tasting) are already made up for you.

July 2010


This month I want to be sure that you are including another crucial anti-aging supplement in your detox cocktail. I know at times it seems overwhelming that there is so much we should be taking. Clearly, we couldn't possibly take it all in one day. You're ab­solutely right. That's why we each periodically need to evaluate the importance of a specific nu­trient for our daily functioning as individuals, as our biochemical needs continually change.

Because medicine is impacted by the pharmaceutical industry, leaving every disease the deficiency of the latest drug, I've taken on the task of trying to teach physicians as well as laypeople. Fortunately I have the help of hundreds of thousands of researchers who have dedicated their lives to their specific areas of health. Each reveals to us the beauty of the min­ute part that they have devoted their research to, helping to reveal yet another aspect of God's over­whelming orchestration for healing the human body, against all odds. I know sometimes this molecular biochemistry can bog you down, so I'll try to keep it as simple as I can.

ALC (Acetyl-l-Carnitine) has been in previous arti­cles and in several sections of the books. This chemical that we make in our bodies has a multitude of functions. For example, it is essential for produc­ing HDL, the wheelbarrow that carries the bad cholesterol away from the vessel wall and dumps it into bile. Bile in turn promotes absorption of our fat-soluble vitamins. Also, ALC is critical for dia­betics (January 2010 TW) and protects cancer che­motherapy drugs from killing your heart. It also rescues folks from the painful neuropathies as well as Alzheimer's and numbness, tingling and even paralysis caused by chemotherapy drugs.

ALC works inside those little powerhouses inside of our cells, the mitochondria, where you recall God's miracle of changing one molecule of food into a molecule of energy (that we call "life") occurs. ALC is the train that carries the fatty acids (food mole­cules) into the mitochondria so that they can be changed into energy. The sad thing is that as we age, the mitochondria deteriorate and the levels of ALC drop off dramatically. What happens as ALC manufacture drops off? You can just become more tired, dull, and blame it on aging. Then as your energy supply continues to dwindle, you slide into a myriad of disease labels as symptoms pile on.

Unfortunately, many environmental toxins damage ALC production. And you guessed it. The phtha-lates or plasticizers, the number one pollutant in the human body, are a major destroyer of ALC as well as many other parts of the mitochondria. That's how they contribute to every disease includ­ing cancer and premature aging. In Detoxify Or Die I showed you how essential the daily detox cocktail is for retarding the onset of dis­ease as well as aging. But I'm firmly convinced now that we must add 500-1500 mg of Acetyl 1-Carnitine Powder (ALC) to the detox cocktail. You can add it to your Happy Bodies Detox Cocktail along with one or two extra R-Lipoic Acid (100 mg). Or if you make your own detox cocktail, using 400-800 mg Recan-costat, 300-600 mg R-Lipoic Acid and a heaping tea­spoon of Ultrafine Vitamin C Powder, add the Ace-tyl-l-Carnitine Powder (ALC) to this. I can't see how it could harm anyone and the evidence is clear that we all need it, since even the animals in the wild and new­born babies have elevated levels of toxic phthalates.

If you have a serious exhaustion or other medical problem and the addition of ALC makes no differ­ence, remember that most likely you need to repair other parts of the mitochondria. A microscopic pic­ture of the mitochondria's guts reveal it is a mass of membranes folded back and forth on themselves, look­ing much like ribbon candy. That is why the "oil change" that I've shown in many books and newslet­ters is so crucial. Often it can be as simple as a tea­spoon of Cod Liver Oil, a heaping teaspoon of HB-PC Powder Phosphatidyl Choline Powder), 1-2 E-Gems Elite and 2000-4000 mg of So­lar D Gems. This is a great start for repairing your mitochondrial membranes.

Remember death begins in the mitochondria. This little kidney bean-shaped organelle inside of our cells is where all energy is made. Although it starts deterio­rating after age 40, environmental toxins (especially heavy metals) as well as our nutrient deficiencies that sneak up on all of us enormously speed up its deterio­ration. When mitochondria are damaged it starts any and every disease. Furthermore, diseases cannot be reversed until this chemistry has been repaired. Obviously if you have more serious problems, you'll want to look at the scores of clues for what else is missing in your mitochondria. It is all woven into the 12-page Cardio/ION Panel. In previous issues I showed you how to get the test without your local phy­sician (if he is unwilling to be a part of 21st-century medicine), and I can interpret it with you on the phone. Meanwhile, for the resurrection of your mitochon­dria, consider adding ALC Powder (500-1000 mg) to your daily detox cocktail. Its absence could even be the reason why thyroid replacement doesn't do the trick for many. Are we not lucky to possess these facts that the majority of medical professionals don't even know? Mega-gratitude to the world's researchers.

Dec 2008


Although hearing loss in old age never killed anyone, the social isolation sure can. To suddenly be left out of all conversations or yelled at as though you were mentally retarded can be downright humiliating or awkward at best. Furthermore, the loneliness it en­genders is a strong factor in shortening one's life. As with every disease, there is a cause.

Cadmium, one of the many heavy metals that we cannot get away from, permeates our foods, air and soils, primarily from industrial exhausts, municipal waste burning and auto exhausts. And would you believe a large part of cadmium comes in the form of food dyes, for the artificial colors are heavy with cadmium. In fact it is interesting that the EPA has set a limit of 5 ppm of cadmium in our drink­ing water, but allows three times that or 15 ppm in food colors. Go figure. Meanwhile, kids tank up early on colored breakfast cereals, sodas and candies to create adult hearing loss once their critical level of cadmium is reached.

This heavy metal and others damage the delicate ear bones (ossicles) as they literally become so bogged down they no longer vibrate with sound to send elec­trical pulses to the brain. Cadmium of course causes lots of other diseases in the body, like kidney disease, nerve damage and tremors, high blood pressure, os­teoporosis, cancer of the lung, chronic fatigue (by damaging mitochondria), and much more.

The good news is that ear toxicity from cadmium was completely prevented in cultures with NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), the precursor to glutathione. Recancostat in your Detox Cocktail is the best form of glutathione. For my money, I'd rather not count on our toxic bodies making enough glutathione, but would rather take it, as in the Detox Cocktail. But NAC is much less expensive so you have a choice. This is just one more piece of evidence for the fact that we should all do the Detox Cocktail religiously every night before bed so we have high levels when the body is in its healing phase. See The High Blood Pressure Hoax for complete information on cad­mium and how to get it out. In the meantime you may want to use the easy form that is travel-friendly, the Daily Detox Drink ( It has an infinitely more tolerable taste (uses stevia), espe­cially important for kids. For severe cases, add 1-2 extra 400 mg Recancostat and 3-4 R-Lipoic Acid.

Nov 2008


Q. I thought hearing loss happened gradually, like ageing, but mine happened over the last month.

A. This happens to over 60,000 Americans a year. One group of clinicians merely gave their patients 400 IU of vitamin E (not even all 8 forms) and 1200 mg of vitamin C for a month. With just this tiny poorly thought-out regime, two out of three or 63% got their hearing back, although only 37% got it completely back. How long it will stabilize is any­body's guess, since it was so incomplete.

If it happened to Luscious, There is no contest. I would get a Cardio/ION immediately and an expert interpretation by myself, who has studied more of the chemistry collating it with the individual's total package than anyone I know. In fact, I spend often an hour going over labs and history that were mailed before I spend the scheduled hour interpreting the Cardio/ION with them on the phone (I only charge for the hour on the phone). Although hearing loss can come from baro-trauma (loud noise), most have a strong component of heavy metal toxicity requir­ing aggressive heavy metal detox, all of which is de­tailed in The High Blood Pressure Hoax followed by The Cholesterol HoaxAnd be sure to follow up in a year or two max to determine if fine-tuning of nutri­ents or further detox is required, as it usually is.

In addition to nutrients in The Cholesterol Hoaxbe sure to do your Detox Cocktail daily. You may pre­fer the convenience and pleasant taste of the Daily Detox Drink, but add 3 R-Lipoic Acid and 400 mg Recancostat for heightened hearing protection. It is a lonely world without audio, and as with any neuro­logical problem, the quicker you fix it, the better.

Aug 2008


It's sad enough that folks have to go through tragedies of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes. The aftermath however can bring on even more long-lasting problems. For those who cannot afford to have mold remediation done properly to their homes, molds can mimic every single symptom that a nasty toxic chemical can bring on. From migraines, arthritis, mood swings and asthma to prostatitis, fibromyalgia and cancers, mold allergies can start in anyone at   any time. After there has been water damage, molds grow as though fertilized. Not only can molds be dif­ficult to spot, but they also make mycotoxins that are even more challenging to pinpoint and diagnose, and a potent cause of cancer.

Having studied mycology myself and employed sev­eral mycologists over the years for our Mold Survey ServiceI came to the conclusion that you don't need to know the specific names of molds as much as you need just to know that you have too much mold. So we made our petri dishes a lot less expensive by cut­ting out the actual naming of individual fungi. The plates still contain the superior media, however, that we researched and published years ago to grow out 30% more molds than the standard hospital plates and mycology lab plates that miss a lot of molds. You merely expose the plate(s) for an hour in a room and then follow the directions for "incubating" them and determining if you have too dangerous a level. A good air purifier should be next on your list to keep your environment as dust and mold-free as possible.

Another problem has surfaced now, that was entirely predictable. The sea of new trailers that are issued as emergency housing for victims of catastrophes in the U.S. outgas much higher levels of formaldehyde than are safe. It is as though they didn't learn a thing from the formaldehyde fiasco in the 70s and 80s when we were seeing folks in the office who had innocently pumped into their home wall cavities urea foam for­maldehyde insulation (UFFI) with the intent of keeping their heating bills down. Instead they ended up (as I did) with all sorts of illnesses that doctors were unprepared to diagnose or treat. Many people liter­ally slept on their lawns in suburbia because they could no longer tolerate their homes. Not only can UFFI hold moisture in a trailer thereby accentuating mold allergies, but it also causes chemical symptoms on its own, including cancers.

Unfortunately the people who have sustained recent tragedies are now in even more danger of having es­calating serious health problems, and probably con­comitantly have insufficient insurance coverage. Add to this the fact that the average physician still is untrained in the rudimentary aspects of environ­mental medicine (see The E. I. Syndrome for the de­tails on how to treat environmental illness). Since medical practice is so far removed from helping these people, I wonder about some of our churches, synagogues and other organizations. Rather than sending folks on expensive trips to foreign lands where they don't speak the language, they might choose to stay at home and set up educational and detox centers to help their own people learn how to get well and back on their feet again. Many of these people would never read a newsletter or a book, but perhaps could be taught by our vast army of retirees, for example, who have a multitude of talents and could impart impressive amounts of information.

Meanwhile if any of you have had water damage to your home, please make sure you don't have exces­sive hidden molds creating new diseases. It's pretty simple to expose a mold plate and determine this. Then you want to choose an air purifier that has a hefty motor to remove a lot of dust and mold parti­cles that also carry some of the chemical particles. And then there are special filters, which can sop up even more chemicals if you are in temporary housing or have had renovations with particleboard, plywood, and other formaldehyde-emitting construction mate­rials (see Sources/Suppliers box page 8). And re­member that you need extra detox nutrients to pro­tect yourself from the harmful effects of disease-mimicking chemicals and molds. Our newest book, The Cholesterol Hoax can guide you.

At least start with your daily detox cocktail, since lipoic acid is a strong neutralizer of mold and chemi­cal toxins. You can use 400-800 mg of Recancostat with a teaspoon of Ultra Fine Ascorbic Acid and 3-6 capsules of 100 mg R-Lipoic Acid. Or for travel use there is the ready made cocktail in a lower dose, Daily Detox Drink (800 mg of L-glutathione re­duced, 2000 mg ascorbic acid and 100 mg R-lipoic acid per tsp.) or also prepackaged in handy individ­ual doses, both with natural lemon flavor and stevia.

And for more serious problems, rev the cocktail up with 500-1000 mg each of Glycine, Taurine and Arginine Powders or add 1-2 Super Milk Thistle.


There are even more variations we'll explore. It is not as though we don't already have enough tox­ins, and now the problem seems to be increasing daily. I foolishly thought that with the huge amount of scien­tific data that we all reported on decades ago, the world would never fall for creating chemical sensitiv­ity symptoms in folks again. I was wrong. I've in­cluded below just a few (not all!) of the publications I did so you can get a glimpse through just one solo practitioner how intensively we all worked to teach doctors about this. But sadly the vast majority of phy­sicians are just as ignorant about environmental illness over thirty years later, and just as adamant about it not even existing. So keep aware, keep learning, keep smart, and protect your   families. There is no money in well people, only in those who take drugs.

Sep 2010


After over 40 years in medicine there is no ques­tion that heavy metal detoxification has been the pivotal and actual cure for many diseases that are still touted as having no known cause and no known cure. I described in detail in The High Blood Pressure Hoax the protocols for doing it with non­prescription capsules and suppositories that are indi­vidualized to the person, and safer and more effec­tive than expensive IV chelation (which has resulted in deaths and loads the person with plastics from the tubing of IVs, see TW2005). In The Cholesterol Hoax and subsequent TW I refined some of the pro­tocols even further. For example, be sure to use the disappearance of the sulfur odor from your urine as the guide to tailor your dose of oral chelator to your unique system.

Unfortunately, for some people the protocols are too challenging. One reason is that for some folks they are not capable of properly fortifying their detoxifi­cation systems prior to starting. For others they are afraid that they might become too mineral depleted and have no family doctor who would be interested in helping them monitor their mineral loss. And then of course in the case of children, we need an even simpler protocol. That's why I'm so tickled about the chelation product I'm telling you about today.

When you peel an orange you pretty much leave the white inner peel or pulp behind, called citrus pectin. But this is a fiber that has unique properties. D-galacturonic acid is the principal sugar in citrus pec­tin yet is usually insoluble and a good source of fi­ber in the gut. But when it is modified or broken down into smaller molecular form it can be absorbed and has even turned off cancer metastases (as I referenced and explained in reissues years ago).

Well, modified citrus pectin (MCP, more to come in future TW) has even more interesting properties. It has reduced the absorption of heavy metals in the gut and once absorbed into the system it produces negatively charged D-galacturonic acid residues that become cation chelators, pulling heavy metals out into the urine and stool. The interesting part is that in short-term studies it does not lower the "good" min­erals, such as zinc and magnesium, as examples, like more potent forms of chelation do.

Furthermore, combined with alginates, better known as sea vegetables or more exactly brown algae kelp (laminaria species), there is even further intestinal removal of heavy metals. And again this is accom­plished with selective binding of heavy metals with­out binding of the essential minerals. In fact, nature uses algae in waters to clean them, just as food manu­facturers use them to remove heavy metals from food-grade oils. And alginates have enhanced the removal of other nasty unavoidable disease-producing environ­mental toxins hidden in our air, food, and water, like dioxins.

So I can hear many of you saying "Enough already! Just give us the bottom line of how to use it". Surely I'll be telling you more about this product and acces­sory nutrients that can enhance its actions. But for starters, consider a child who at the minimum is on something like the Scooter Rabbit Chewable multi­ple vitamin-mineral maintenance or Intra-Kid (if they will only take liquids) and a daily Happy Bodies De­tox Cocktail. Adding 2-4 PectaSol Chelation Com­plex twice a day (containing the unique alginate and modified citrus pectin) could slowly and safely lower his heavy-metal burden over months and years. After devouring the evidence, I think kids in this unprece-dentedly toxic era should be on this as soon as they can handle a capsule. And there is always the option of opening the capsule and mixing the powdered con­tents with applesauce or other disguises.

Sep 2010


...let's role into some of the other nutrients that are also absolutely essential if you have diabetes or high blood pressure. And if you already have both, fire your doc if he is not interested in learning about this. This month's information also applies to folks with insulin resistance, Metabolic Syndrome X and even those who just can't lose weight, are aging too fast, or who don't have the energy they want.

Today's key nutrients are none other than magnesium and glutathione. Glutathione (as in your detox cocktail) is crucial because the damage that a high blood pressure or high sugar creates occurs through free radicals (ROS, reactive oxygen species) or naked electrons. These ROS literally drill holes in your cells, allowing cells to lethally spill their guts. Reduced glutathione neutralizes these destructive free radicals that are released from everyday chemicals, thereby improving blood pressure, insulin secretion and diabetes control. If that were not enough, glutathione makes magnesium more effective and easier to keep on board. No matter how many scientific articles I scour, all diseases as well as accelerated aging show reduced levels of glutathione.


On the flip side, sufficient magnesium is likewise imperative for curing high blood pressure, improving diabetes, regulating insulin, and even energy production. And sufficient magnesium is important for maintaining levels of glutathione. Clearly magnesium and glutathione are a synergistic marriage made in heaven. So why is it not common for every diabetologist (folks who devote their lives to one disease) to ignore checking your glutathione and intracellular magnesium? Because they know little to nothing about how to do it. If you don't believe it, test your doctor. Innocently ask what organic acid tests could show if you are not making enough glutathione for your needs or if your body is wasting glutathione or if there is increased demand for glutathione in your body due to toxins (answers: sulfation, alpha-hydroxybutyrate, pyroglutamate). If he knows even one answer, I would keep him.

Even sadder is that much of this information is from leading journals and over a quarter of a century ago. Does that remind you of how powerful the drug industry is? For as the Wall Street Journal reminds us, in spite of this global economic meltdown, the lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry has increased, and drug sales are up, while it maintains its position as the number one for-profit industry.

For now, the bottom line is that every day we all need the detox cocktail and sufficient magnesium. And if you have any medical condition, and especially if you take even one daily drug, you probably need more than the average person, since drugs severely magnify nutrient depletion. Best would be an assay to determine precisely how much you as an individual need with your specific load. If you can't afford it, do the nutrients in The Cholesterol Hoax and subsequent TW. You could start simply if you are new to all this with Happy Bodies Detox Cocktail, a powder mixture in individual dose packets for easy traveling, each containing 2000 mg of pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 800 mg of reduced glutathione, and 100 mg of R-lipoic acid. And you can add 2 more R-Lipoic Acid, or make your own as in Detoxify Or Die or boost it to even higher levels of protective power with TW additions.

Clearly one of the additions you want to make is magnesium, and because of its importance, I give you many choices. Liquid Magnesium soft gel capsules contain 400 mg of magnesium oxide. Because oxide is often only 50% absorbed but very inexpensive, use 2-3 caps 1-3 times a day. An alternative is Natural Calm, my favorite powder form of magnesium citrate. I also like Chelated Magnesium, because in addition to 200 mg of magnesium (you will probably absorb 50%, as I see confirmed on blood tests), you get a great bonus of 910 mg of glycine, pivotal in over a half dozen detox pathways and needed to make glutathione.

Regardless how you prefer to mix and match your sources of magnesium, be sure your RBC magnesium is in the very top quintile (of "normal") or even higher, because the "norm" is continually dumbed down as people become more universally depleted. Remember, an undiagnosed magnesium deficiency is a major cause of sudden cardiac arrest. That's why I have accumulated so many types and options until you can get a prescription for the most concentrated form in Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? 


I'm convinced after seeing hundreds of Cardio/IONs that the Magnesium Chloride 200 mg/cc prescription is the most potent form on the planet. As I've referenced, the average person gets less than 1/3 of what he needs in a day of magnesium and its deficiency is a primary cause of sudden cardiac arrest, high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure, muscle spasms, arthritis, IBS, depression, chronic fatigue, diabetes, stroke, E.D., and more. Get one of your docs to write the prescription (directions in the book). Also by getting him to read and write it, you may save his life. I personally knew several docs who died in their 50s from undiagnosed magnesium deficiency.

Meanwhile, check out all the nutrients in the book, for the diabetic needs them all even more so.   With one in twelve adult Americans with diabetes now (not counting children who are a worse diabetic epidemic, some groups with as much as one in eight), I'll be giving you more on this subject in future issues. And for folks who think they are exempt, all this information applies to elite athletes and anti-aging buffs as well as those working toward reversing other diseases.


Clearly, glutathione and magnesium are absolutely crucial to diabetes cure. If your doc won't at least check for your adequacy of these or read the above book, I wonder if there is any hope and if you would be better off elsewhere. For the evidence is now so overwhelming that you deserve finding the actual cure for your conditions and to not merely bludgeon every symptom with a drug, which silently drives nutrients even more dangerously lower. I fear we will have to leave a percentage of practitioners in the dust. But no problem. There are still plenty of patients for them to treat who prefer the ease, side effects, and seduction of a drug.

If your doc orders the Cardio/ION but cannot interpret the 12-14 pages of your molecular biochemistry, not a problem. If you had a brain tumor you wouldn't expect him to do the surgery. I spend an hour going through your last few years of records before your scheduled hour on the phone with me to maximize the individuality of your interpretation.

Meanwhile, in many studies just giving either magnesium or glutathione, has actually cured the diabetes, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and other "incurable" symptoms in folks. It merely depends on each person's individual deficiencies. So what have you got to lose, since both nutrients are commonly low in most folks and both are absolutely essential to retard the progress of all disease? Make sure your nutrient program contains a hefty amount of magnesium and glutathione.


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