Breath Biotics 60 lozenges
Breath Biotics 60 lozenges

Breath Biotics 60 lozenges Advanced Orthomolecular Research Inc A83804

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Probiotic breath freshener & oral hygiene.*

AOR’s Breath Biotics™ formula with BLIS™ K12 contains a patented strain of the probiotic Streptococcus salivarius K12, which helps ensure healthy oral microflora.*. An estimated one out of every four individuals experience halitosis regularly. There are several issues that may trigger bad breath with poor oral hygiene and the buildup of non-beneficial bacteria being at the top of the list. But bad breath may be the result of a number of other factors as well such as exposure to malodorous foods, an infection, or a deeper, more systemic medical concern.

Breath odor itself relates to volatile compounds with a high sulfur content that are produced by non-beneficial bacteria on the tongue or between and around teeth. Halitosis can be transient (from sulfuric foods, tobacco products, or dry mouth) or it can persist. Cleaning the tongue, by brushing or with mouthwashes, may remove some of the offensive compounds (food remnants, dead cells, etc.) that the bacteria feed on. Treatment of the underlying cause, however, is ultimately the best practice. When combating halitosis, the first step should be determining whether the oral microbiota are healthy.*

*Persistent halitosis may indicate a more serious condition and it is best to consult with a health care provider for a course of treatment.

AOR Advantage:

AOR’s Breath Biotics offers the support needed to target the underlying cause of halitosis and promote clean and fresh breath with BLIS K12.*

• Naturally sweetened with a fresh, minty taste
• High dose of the patented oral probiotic strain BLIS K12
• Clinically studied to promotes a healthy oral microbiome*
• Sugar free

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