Avipattikar Powder .5 lb
Avipattikar Powder .5 lb

Avipattikar Powder .5 lb Banyan Botanicals B20752

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Traditional Ayurvedic Formula for Pitta Imbalances in the GI Tract*

• Promotes post-meal esophageal comfort*
• Promotes normal, comfortable levels of acidity in the stomach and intestines*
• Removes excess heat from the GI tract*
• Supports healthy elimination for individuals with pitta imbalances*

Avipattikar is a traditional Ayurvedic formula used to remove excess pitta from the GI tract. This cooling blend balances the digestive fire and eliminates natural toxins from the system. Avipattikar churna soothes the stomach tissues and promotes normal, comfortable levels of acidity during the digestive process. It also helps direct apana vata downwards helping to promote post-meal esophageal comfort and healthy elimination.*

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