Happy Bodies is pleased to offer discounted pricing and FREE shipping* for its customers who elect to establish autodelivery for their products. The program gives you the convenience of automatic shipments, eliminating the need to place your order time and time again.
  • Save 10% off the product price on orders over $50.
  • FREE shipping to addresses in the U.S! *International shipping destinations will receive discounted pricing but are not eligible for free shipping.
  • Elect to receive your order monthly, every 2 months, or every 3 months.
  • Discounts take effect on the second shipment after registering.
  • You can change your order with committed additions or deletions up to 2 business days before your shipment day. You have the flexibility to modify your nutrition program as needed while ensuring you never run out or interrupt your progress.
  • Not combinable with other discounts or promotions.
CHANGES, QUESTIONS OR CANCELLATIONS: please email [email protected] or use the online contact form.

When clicking the SUBMIT button at the end of the application, you are agreeing to the autodelivery program description, including the terms and conditions below the application form.

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  • Phone Number*
  • Shipping Address*
  • Order Information

  • Shipment Frequency*
  • Month You Would Like Your First Shipment*
  • Day of the Month for Shipping*
  • Quantity and Name of Item One*
  • Quantity and Name of Item Two (if applicable)
  • Quantity and Name of Item Three (if applicable)
  • Quantity and Name of Item Four (if applicable)
  • If more items are required, list them here or let us know when we contact you
  • Security Code*


TERMS AND CONDITIONS (please read thoroughly) As a participant in the Happy Bodies Autodelivery Program, I authorize Happy Bodies to automatically ship my order as described in detail above after processing the payment method I have indicated. Happy Bodies is under no obligation to ship any products until full payment has been received. Shipment will take place either immediately or approximately two days from payment confirmation. This agreement will remain in effect until I cancel it in writing or by email to [email protected] REVISION I may revise my Autodelivery Agreement during any month. To do so, I must either submit a new Autodelivery agreement and write "Modify Autodelivery" at the top of the printed form no later that two calendar days prior to my next Autodelivery shipment date. Or I may submit changes within 2 business days by writing to [email protected] If the revision is received less than two calendar days prior to shipment, there will be no guarantee that the revision will be effective for that shipment.


If I decide to cancel my Autodelivery, I must contact Happy Bodies no later than two calendar days prior to my next Autodelivery date. If the cancellation is received less than two business days prior to shipment, there will be no guarantee that the order will not be shipped.

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