Antioxidant Formula 60 vegcaps
Antioxidant Formula 60 vegcaps

Antioxidant Formula 60 vegcaps Biogena B06604

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Antioxidants: protection against free radicals*

Antioxidants are micronutrients that react with so-called 'œfree radicals' before those can destroy or modify important structures in the body. Free radicals can form under the influence of UV radiation, ozone pollution, nicotine, drugs or environmental pollutants. A certain exposure to free radicals is normal. If they become rampant however, so-called 'œoxidative stress' is the result. In order to prevent that, an optimal antioxidant status is necessary. For people subjected to an increased free radical exposure, a dietary support of the endogenous protection system is advisable. This includes stressed- out people as well as people who frequently fly, sunbathe, smoke, drink alcohol or are exposed to environmental pollution.*

The group of antioxidants includes certain micronutrients such as selenium, vitamins C and E, as well as plant substances such as carotenoids, phenols from green tea extract, OPC from grape seeds and anthocyanins from elderberry extract. Since antioxidants complement each other'™s effects and are recycled upon depletion, a combination of different, antioxidant vital substances makes more sense than the high-dosage intake of a single preparation.*

Antioxidant Formula '“ what is it?

Antioxidant Formula by Biogena provides a broad spectrum of antioxidants to support the body'™s natural defence mechanism against free radicals. The unique formula consists of vitamin E and selenium derived from plant sources, as well as Vitamin C and carotenoids. These micronutrients are combined with antioxidant plant extracts that have proven effects as antioxidants.*

Antioxidant Formula

Supplies a broad spectrum of antioxidants to support the body'™s natural defence mechanism against free radicals*
Vitamin C and vitamin E protect the cells, tissues and organs from oxidative stress*
Selenium is a cofactor for an antioxidant enzyme and helps to protect against free radicals*
With selected plant extracts as a perfect natural source of antioxidants
For maintenance of the antioxidant network in case of increased radical burden caused by stress, smoking or frequent consumption of alcohol*

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