Welcome to Happy Bodies®, creator of the original Detox Cocktail®.

Founded in 2005, Happy Bodies® continues to be your trusted source for Happy Bodies® brand dietary supplements plus more than 200 brands of evidence-based, professional-grade nutritional supplements, herbs, functional foods and personal care products. We also carry the full line of health books authored by Dr. Sherry Rogers, an internationally-renowned expert in the field of environmental medicine.


Like many businesses in the alternative healthcare space, Happy Bodies® grew out of a personal health crisis that triggered a long and exhausting search for a path to wellness. A number of years ago while in her early 30s, Happy Bodies’® founder experienced a rapid decline in health and struggled to find answers through traditional medical channels. Her body was failing her, her quality of life had eroded and her outlook on life was so bleak that she worried about merely staying alive. She ultimately learned that her body was poisoned with mercury and a close friend provided her with a copy of Detoxify or Die by Dr. Sherry Rogers. In her desperation, our founder followed every recommendation in the book. A decade later, she is not only alive, but thriving – she is a vibrant woman, a successful entrepreneur, a dedicated mother and a respected advocate for natural detoxification and proper nutrition.

Following her recovery, our founder dedicated herself to helping others find their own paths to wellness and, thus, Happy Bodies® was born. The “detox cocktail’ recommended in Detoxify or Die was truly revolutionary, but it was a do-it-yourself recipe which was expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient to assemble. Happy Bodies® developed its Detox Cocktail® premixed powder in order to make this dietary supplement available in a convenient form that costs less than half per serving versus mixing your own. Our Happy Bodies® line has since grown to include HB-MAG magnesium citrate, HB-PC phosphatidyl choline and Detox Boost, with several exciting new products in the pipeline.

Mission and Core Values

Studies have shown that our bodies accumulate toxins that can damage critical internal body systems. At Happy Bodies®, we believe that your body has the natural ability to cleanse itself. Our mission is to provide you with products and information that safely support and enhance this natural detoxification process.

Happy Bodies® is built upon four guiding principles that define who we are and how we live our mission each and every day. These core values – which we refer to as “Q·I·S·S” -- are so essential to our mission that we would rather close our doors than compromise one of them.


  • Quality – We work tirelessly to deliver the highest-quality products possible. From sourcing the purest and most bioavailable ingredients to working exclusively with manufacturing partners who have been certified by third-party auditors to be compliant with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (“cGMPs”), we are committed to delivering products that meet or exceed all relevant regulatory standards. In our minds, though, quality goes well beyond how the product is made. Unlike retail brands, Happy Bodies® products are formulated to deliver therapeutic dosages of the purest ingredients and never contain fillers, preservatives, excipients or artificial colors or flavors. Simply stated, we serve our retail customers with professional-grade products that are traditionally available only through licensed healthcare practitioners.

  • Integrity – The dietary supplement industry has immense power to impact positively the health and wellness of mankind. Unfortunately, despite a rigorous and thoughtful regulatory framework implemented by the FDA and the FTC, many supplement companies place profits before customers and, in the process, cut corners in terms of safety, quality and honesty. As a dietary supplement company, we believe that we must meet a higher standard – after all, our products are being ingested by our customers on a daily basis. Happy Bodies® has an unwavering commitment to integrity in all that we do – we meet or exceed all regulatory standards, our labels are truthful and accurate, and we treat our customers, business partners and associates with respect and courtesy.

  • Safety – Through research, advanced testing protocols, rigorous ingredient selection and strict manufacturing practices, Happy Bodies® brand products are formulated and produced with your safety in mind. Each ingredient in our products is permitted to be marketed as a dietary supplement ingredient pursuant to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. (1) While we strive for innovation, we do not – and will never – formulate a product that includes any ingredient that has not been determined, either clinically or through extended real world use, to be safe for human consumption. When you buy a Happy Bodies® brand product, you can be confident that you are getting ingredients with a long track record of safe use and exactly what is listed on the label – nothing more, nothing less.

  • Science – At Happy Bodies®, scientific evidence is central to our product development and formulation efforts. All Happy Bodies® products are developed using legitimate scientific research, primarily peer-reviewed human-based, animal-based and in vitro studies. You can rest assured that reputable research institutions have determined that the ingredients in our products promote and support the healthy structure and function of your body.


Please know that these four core values are at the center of all that we do to enhance the health and well-being of customers.

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act permits the use of a dietary ingredient if it was marketed as a dietary supplement in the United States prior to October 15, 1994.