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Magnesium Citrate

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Why Shop at Happy Bodies

Save with the BEST prices and unbelievable deals at Happy Bodies.  FREE shipping over $149. Huge selection of highest quality, professional brand vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbal formulas, weight loss, health and nutrition products.  Happy Bodies offers organic, all natural, GMO-free, gluten-free and many other items for specialty dietary needs.  Visit us to get your lowest cost with todayís daily deal, the best sales, extreme discounts and so many other ways to save!  Find the newest meal replacements, muscle builders, probiotics, sports nutrition and diet products, womenís and menís formulas, and fish oils and omega-3ís that have been tested for heavy metals. And remember to order your copy of Dr. Sherry Rogersí books on chemical sensitivity, candidadetoxifying, diabetes and any other immune-related topicMore reasons...

Dr. Rogers, author of this straight-forward book, says it is written for anyone who wants to reverse any chronic disease.

Dr. Rogers writes for everyone.  This book is full of information for all people and all disease; don't let the title make you think it only applies to those who have diabetes.  It's a book of prevention and well living for EVERYONE.

HOW TO CURE DIABETES by Dr. Sherry Rogers MD   $23.95

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